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Document Groups

Next, consider how the documents in your site will be grouped.

Corporate - pages referring to the company in general, such as the About Us pages and the Home page.
Product - pages dealing with individual products.
Support - pages that contain FAQ lists or company contact information.
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User Groups

Then you begin to organize the User groups your content editor users will belong to.

Marketing - will handle Corporate pages; anything that will effect the public's perception of the company and its products.
Products - will work with the pages relevant to the company's products.
Support - will take care of the support pages.
Proofreaders - will have access to all documents (but is limited in what he can do with them by the permissions granted by his Role).
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Here is how the user groups and documents groups will interact.

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Tried in Safari and Firefox. Doesn’t apply to all images - but many...

On this page, for example
I have two broken image links at the top and the rest I can see.

Any suggestions?
Byzantium Aug 31, 2010, 09:29 AM https://forums.modx.com/thread/25309/images-not-displaying-in-rtfm-modx-com#dis-post-129903