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But that day did not arrive — each month brought new projects, developments, databases and web applications, supplanting my ambitious project of upgrading the entire system.

Recently, I came to the conclusion that under the circumstances, such an upgrade is pointless — I simply cannot afford to experiment with a system, while its resources are being shared by many users/customers. However, I decided to put some effort into fine-tuning system components (the main reason we love Linux is its built-in ability to produce new versions of software using the source code).

Compiling software by issuing the standard sequence:
make install

results in building a private copy of the application under „/usr/local” folder and is regarded as somewhat messy in terms of style. A better way is to build a standard (distributive) package that may subsequently be used to upgrade the old version. My efforts yielded three crucial (from a web developer’s point of view) packages for Slackware 12.0:

All packages can be installed by issuing Slackware’s standard command (within root’s console):
upgradepkg <new-package-name>

Of course, it is a good idea to stop the server applications prior to the upgrade...
rc.httpd stop
rc.mysqld stop

... and reboot the system after the upgrade is complete — in order to have all newly-installed libraries properly started.

Some additional remarks regarding the PHP package. I’ve compiled it after MySQL’s upgrade, so PHP’s extension „mysqli” is based on the new 5.0.77 libraries. I’ve also added two extra extensions to the PHP build: „mcrypt” (I was annoyed by phpMyAdmin constantly issuing a „cannot load mcrypt extention, please check your PHP configuration” message) and „mssql” (an interface layer for the MSSQL database). These extentions are NOT activated by default – in order to use them, you need to add the following to your php.ini (in the extension section):

Done. Ah, not quite. My packages can be found at http://setpro.net.pl/software/Slack12#attachments]]>
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