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...you can get patches from our Trac site connected to SVN. For instance, go to http://mirror1.cvsdude.com/trac/rethrash/tattoo/log/tattoo/trunk and you’ll see a list of the latest revisions. To patch your install of beta 3, rev 1533, you can simply click the leftmost radio button @1533, leave the rightmost radio button at the latest revision (currently @1557) and then click View changes. You will then get a visual diff of each affected file, and if you scroll to the bottom of this, you’ll see links to download a unified diff or a zip file containing just the files that were changed between 1533 and 1557. You can then extract that zip archive and grab the files extracted under /tattoo/trunk/ to copy over your beta 3 install (1533). An easy way to check out the latest with minimal effort. Just note that it is best to run the installer (as an update install) in case any database changes were made between those revisions, so make sure you have the original install directory in place, in case you listened to the warnings in the manager and removed it...
sottwell Oct 01, 2006, 12:02 AM https://forums.modx.com/thread/19751/getting-patches-and-updates#dis-post-109981