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I'm heading back to the Login package (1.9.4-pl2) for our running site 2.5.6-pl.
Snippet Login is used since the begin in a dual context environment ('web' -French default - and 'eng' - well.. english side).

No issue until now.

I need now to add Register abilities.

Reading the doc for register (i.e : https://docs.modx.com/extras/revo/login/login.register/register.example-form-1)

I built under the Login resource page, the Register page itself that is intended to be called by clicking on a link from the Login page for any visitor who wants to create an online account.
An activation page targeted by the action email link
A post registering page saying an email has been sent ...

Before being on the hard part (customs fields, probable email issues...)

I'm not able to display my register page > 404 trying to see the web context register page (right click/see menu) we fall into the 404 eng context page !!
Trying to see the register page from the ENG context then the english register page is loaded ok.

No idea why (published of course but not menu visible.
I created the ENG one too (Babel) and it's the same !%%$ pb.

Any idea?
thank you

This register page contains
   &activationEmailSubject=`Activation de votre compte`


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