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Many of us don't deal in element properties, save an occasional pset here or there used in the frontend, by snippets and stuff.

This nonquaintance, in part, is due to MODX Extras developers relying heavily on System Settings and other byways.

But in my acute lack of overall knowledge I can only say, quite opinionatedly, that a small or large Extra's settings DO NOT belong in the System Settings.

Elements have properties, use them! Don't keep your wallet in your wife's purse, period!

But MODX has a native way to handle exportation and deportation? ahem ahem, not really see

But there is even another more beautiful extra, xButtons, that does a more comprehensive job? ahem ahem, yes, true that.
But at the time of this writing, the extra is tantrum-prone.

Disable need for &p param in plugin's properties
Now add url parameter &p to any element Manager Page URL you are on.


For PropertySets (go to pset page first, and add value {name of pset} to &p)

To get desired order of JSON objects, intentionally sort your props and save
donshakespeare Oct 25, 2016, 08:47 PM https://forums.modx.com/thread/101131/support-comments-for-exportelementproperties#dis-post-545941