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This Snippet creates an array of arrays representing the folder structure of the "path"
and returns a placeholder named [[+getFoldersList_array]] containing that array. When used with
getFoldersList(included) and a bit of css it can create a nice menu from your existing file structure.


&getFolders_path string - The name of the path to search. optional. Default: assets

Place the following snippet call into the page or chunk before calling the results with
the getFolders_array placeholder. Place [[+getFolders_array}] where you would like to use the results.


All vars are optional

Release Notes
This sprang out of my rewrite of my "myGallery" Snippet. I was disappointed with the Gallery packages out
there as I wanted to be able to simply add images and thumbnails to a directory via FTP and have them show
up. It worked well but as I added more and more directories I found I had to create new pages and I'm far
too lazy for that. I wanted to be able to make a page by simply scanning the folder structure that was
uploaded via FTP and use the folder names as page names. I needed to scan the folder structure to make this
happen and this is the solution I came up with. I did look at FileLister by Shaun McCormick but could not
figure out how to get the folders only and recursively. (That does not mean it won’t do that. It just means
I couldn't make it. <VBG>) In any case I thought this might be useful to others so here it is. As always
I would be grateful for any and all suggestions for improvements.

jerry325 Oct 23, 2016, 05:07 PM https://forums.modx.com/thread/101124/supports-comments-for-getfolders#dis-post-545918