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This Snippet displays an image of Stars in relation to the "starRating_Rating"
parameter that is passed to it.


&starRating_Rating integer - The rating to display (from 0-10 in .5 steps). REQUIRED!
$tpl string - the template chunk to use. Default: starRating_Tpl
$range = integer - the max range of the rating (Five or Ten). Default: Ten
$image = string - the path to the sprite image. Default: assets/components/starrating/starSprite.png
there is also a half size version named starSprite_sm or you can create your own.
$width = integer - the width of the display block. 1/2 the image width in pixels. Default: 360
$height = integer - the height of the display block. 1/2 the image height in pixels. Default: 36

version 1.0.0-pl
author Jerry Mercer (ultravision.net)
credits Many thanks for the ideas and work of Abdullah Rubiyath

USAGE: All but starRating_Rating are optional


Release Notes
While working on another project I needed a way to display a rating in a colorfull way. Finding none I
searched the web and found a CSS slider display by Abdullah Rubiyath. I rewrote to fit my needs and Modx
and when finished I found I had something that others might want so I packaged it up. As always I would
be grateful for any and all suggestions for improvements.

jerry325 Oct 23, 2016, 02:29 PM https://forums.modx.com/thread/101123/support-comments-for-starrating#dis-post-545917