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  • Imagine a Documentation/Tutorial Extra that is:

    • Simple
    • Beautiful
    • And easy to use

    Better yet, imagine a Point-and-Click Documentation/Tutorial Extra for MODX that isn't just simple, beautiful and easy to use. Imagine one that is powerful enough that it could power the MODX Docs. Yes, the MODX Docs!

    Imagine Project Tutor. A Documentation Extra that ...

    • Has head-turning looks (front and back) that leave no one indifferent
    • is powered by Custom Manager Resources (CMR)
    • Gives you a head start, thanks to its Content Templates powered by Quick Start Buttons
    • Lets you reorder blocks of content with Drag and Drop
    • Lets you duplicate blocks of content on the fly
    • Is so responsive -- it works even on Google Glass
    • Comes with an invisible and very useful RTE
    • Lets you preview your content as you're writing it
    • Makes writing and reading Code Samples incredibly fun
    • Comes with a beautiful dashboard widget for quick tasks and stats
    • Is 100% Hackable
    • Is 100% Open-source
    • And more!

    Project Tutor is still a dream. A wild one perhaps. But this dream is almost palpable.

    When it comes true, in a few days, this dream would make it incredibly easy to write and publish beautiful documentation in MODX.

    Imagine! [ed. note: treigh last edited this post 5 years, 6 months ago.]
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    • Sounds great. I look forward to seeing it. smiley
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      • Thanks Bob. I should have a demo soon.
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        • Whoa! Highly intriguing!
          • Sounds really great!
            When can we start hacking on it?

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            • Thanks Bruno. Most of it done. Just fine-tuning stuff so it's ready for prime time. I hope to demo something in the next few days.
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              • sebastian-marinescu Reply #7, 5 years, 5 months ago
                I am also really looking forward to this!
                • @sebastian-marinescu thanks for checking in!. Do look out for it -- It's almost here.
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                  • Any News?

                      you can buy me a beer, if you like MIGX


                    • Hey Bruno, sorry It's taken a little longer than expected. Too much work got in the way, but I'll share something pretty soon. Thanks for staying tuned!
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