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  • danya_postfactum Reply #31, 6 years ago
    Jason, this is the known bug. Temporary fix: find "manager\assets\components\ckeditor\modx.htmleditor.js" and comment line 108 (menu_groups) out.
    This will be fixed in the next release.
    Thanks for report.
    • Jason Sonderman Reply #32, 6 years ago
      • Just to chime in on the d'n'd vs link list/search resource issue, not all resources are going to be visible in the resource tree (for example if using the Articles extra, plus any other custom resources that hide their children in the tree), and therefore you can't create links to them using drag and drop.

        Using Articles is pretty common, and wanting to link to a specific article is also pretty common functionality. At the moment I have to tell people to go and find the ID of the article in question first, which is not very user friendly, then tell them to choose "other" as the protocol for the link and explain the tag syntax for [[~{id}]]. For basic users this is simply too much.

        Great job on integrating CKEditor in the first place though!
        • Is it possible to add css styling into CKEditor? (in order to see how page will look on the site with applied styles). How?
          • ultraviolet, of course. Set content_css (core namespace) system setting.
            • Quote from: danya_postfactum at Jun 04, 2013, 01:03 PM
              Set content_css (core namespace) system setting.
              Can you tell me please how this can be done? I didn't find content_css in the system settings in backend. I set "editor_css_path" setting but it doesn't change anything. [ed. note: ultraviolet last edited this post 5 years, 11 months ago.]
              • I'm sorry. The "editor_css_path" setting ( Rich Text Editor section)
                • Hi, I am trying to put in CKEditor buttons for configuring color of text and background. I have added plugins "collorbutton", "panelbutton" and also "colordialog" (this one was there) but still can't get the buttons in CKEditor. I've also added to config this:
                  { "name": "colors" }

                  I also want to add button for changing size of text (see http://ckeditor.com/demo#toolbar).

                  Any idea what I am doing wrong? Is this something that won't work with combination CKEditor and Modx?

                  • All you need is to add
                    { "name": "colors", "items": ["TextColor", "BGColor"] }

                    Plugins are not necessary. They are already included into the build.
                    • Quote from: danya_postfactum at Jun 07, 2013, 09:24 AM
                      All you need is to add
                      { "name": "colors", "items": ["TextColor", "BGColor"] }

                      Plugins are not necessary. They are already included into the build.

                      Thank you very much! I will try it later.

                      Anyway I haven't seen I should add those items in CKEditor docs. Their docs are terrible I think...