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  • You can place chunks anywhere you like. You can even call chunks within chunks. I would recommend reviewing the documentation at: http://rtfm.modx.com/display/ADDON/sekUserGalleries

    There you will find information on what chunks are pulled by each snippet call and you can modify those how you wish.
    • Hi insomnix,

      Sorry i forget to mention, the code that i am showing to you is referring on the sekSiteTolls - printDV

        • On githab version update to 0.0.7 but on modx.com is still old. I have problem: when I hit the Start Upload button I get an error graphic and the message "SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character" What could be the problem? Maybe because of the Russian localization in manager?
          • You're right, I didn't upload the latest package. It is up now.

            I don't think I've seen that error before. Did you try different images, no text? Does the image upload to the server? The upload takes place before the entry to the database, so if the image does not upload, then it's a problem uploading the image to the server, not the database.
            • The image is uploaded to the server. I try to upload different images, with text and withing text - no result. This site is run on locallhost.
              • I rename gallery and album into english, and now I have anothe message: Error Max alloted space used. But settings in php.ini is normal. I used 0.0.6 version of sekUserGalleries, i don't know how to upgrade it without transport package.
                • The max allotted space error is telling you that you hit the most space you can use based on the space you set in the group settings. Problems with the data not saving to the database, I have no idea. When I set up my databases I set them up using utf8.
                  • Thank you to upgrade sekUserGalleries package. I install them, but I can't create album, when I hit "Save Album" nothing changes, if I try to create Album from component, album not saved too. I will wait until you upgrade sekfancybox, sekformtools and seksitetools in repository. Maybe after that I can do it works.
                    • on uploading images to albums. when i start the upload. i get
                      SyntaxError: Unexpected token <
                      image never uploads. could it be due to being on a localhost?

                      on browse gallery i get a error
                      Notice: Undefined index: gallery in rest_of_filepath\core\components\sekusergalleries\controllers\web\viewgallery.class.php on line 40

                      and just above the favorites in the nav panel
                      Notice: Undefined index: sekug_favorites in rest_of_filepath\modx-2.2.5-pl\core\cache\includes\elements\modsnippet\93.include.cache.php on line 78

                      i noticed the favorites in the settings for resource id's, and created pages, though just guessed, at what to call in those resourse since the documentation doesn't list favorites at all. as being pages to create. so i created the following

                      page favorites helper with [[!favorites.helper]]
                      page favorites with [[!favorites.display]]

                      no errors in modx log

                      sekUserGalleries v.07
                      modx 2.2.5pl
                      Apache 2.4.3
                      running local with the latest xammp portable

                      I also find the css to be all crazy as well. it doesn't' play nice with http://foundation.zurb.com/ the fixed, and absolute positions in usergallerys's css muck with the rest of the template. though i know i can change the css and the html dom structure to match what i'm needed. just wished it played nice smiley