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  • Starting this thread for support and feedback for the sekUserGalleries addon. Any suggestions, comments, or questions are all welcome.

    This addon is in the beta stage, very beta. Anyone who wishes to to help develop this addon, or just submit a fix or expand on the program, all are welcome. I am not much of a javascript programmer, I work mostly with php, so anyone with javascript experience would be helpful.
    • Hi insomnix,
      May i know if this sekUserGalleries has a features like colorbox or fancybox?
      • Colorbox is not currently used in this addon, however fancybox is utilized through the sekFancyBox addon found at: http://modx.com/extras/package/sekfancybox

        You can review the documentation at: http://rtfm.modx.com/display/ADDON/sekUserGalleries
        • Hi Insomnix
          This is just what I have been looking for! Excited to see this being developed.
          I've been able to create different user galleries and albums in them.
          But I can't upload to albums! Clicking Add button lets me pick file and then displays thumbnail and input fields for name, etc. But when I hit the Start Upload button I get an error graphic and the message "Max allotted space used" and "NaN KB".
          I've tried different variations of the Amount, Unit and Level settings to no avail.
          I'm running Revo 2.2.0-pl2 and loading jqery 1.7.1 in my template, have changed sekusergalleries.load_jqery to no.
          Any ideas?
          • I've run into this before. There are settings in the php.ini file for upload_max_filesize, max_execution_time, post_max_size that may be causing issues. First try to upload the smallest image you have to make sure it works for small images. If that works and you have access to your ini file, try to make some adjustments to these settings.

            Keep in mind, this addon is far from complete. I have this set up to try and detect image magic to process images because it uses fewer resources. If your server does not have image magic or the program did not detect it, then it will use PHP's GD to process the image (which the watermarking does not currently work with yet). GD will max out your max_execution_time quickly when resizing images.

            Hope this helps...
            • I'm interested in using this on an upcoming project.I realize this is in beta, but is it functional?
              • I have a long way to go on this project. Many of the basics are working, but it still has many bugs. I will have another release soon that will handle some of these bugs. If you are interested in helping with development, I could definitely use the help, especially with the javascript.
                • I have about a month before I start working on this project. At that time I will see how much time I have to assist development.
                  • New version released, it requires the latest version of sekSiteTools, sekFormTools, and sekFancyBox.
                    • Hi insomnix,
                      I have a question:
                      <script type="text/javascript">
                          function printSelection(node){
                              var content=node.innerHTML
                              var pwin=window.open('','print_content','width=[[+width]],height=[[+height]]');
                              pwin.document.write('<html><head><link href="[[+cssFile]]" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /></head><body class="popup" onload="window.print()">'+content+'</body></html>');

                      Can i place the +content+ with chunks?
                      Because i wanted to separate the looks of my resource content with my chunk.