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  • I'm having an issue running this on MOdxCloud (latest version 0.3.1 on Revo2.2.14). No emails being delivered, no errors, warnings no nothing. Is anyone successfully using this on cloud? I am sending emails with Formit on other cloud sites. Just odd.

    My call in my snippet looks like this:

        // mail confirmation
        $to = $email;
        $subject = 'My Subject';
        $modx->getService('mail', 'mail.modSwiftMailer');
        $modx->mail->address('to', $to, 'Recipient');
        $modx->mail->address('sender', $from);
        $modx->mail->address('from', $from, $fromName);

    • How to invoke Swift_SmtpTransport option in modswiftmailer to send mails via SMTP?

      Hello everyone!

      I use this manual (swiftmailer extra) to send form data from website to email:

      $modx->getService('mail', 'mail.modSwiftMailer');
      $modx->mail->address('to', 'recipient@domain.tld', 'Recipient');
      $modx->mail->address('sender', 'sender@domain.tld');
      $modx->mail->subject('A simple e-mail');
      $modx->mail->body('<h1>Simple e-mail</h1><p>With a basic message</p>');

      What is the way to use SMTP options?

      Thank you! [ed. note: mixa_ru last edited this post 6 years, 6 months ago.]
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