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  • thanks for that post, man!
    i will try your solution next week and see what it brings.
    • @bitbox : i use your script, it works fine, it’s very simple integrate cool smiley

      i define site_url => {base_url}fr/

      in my template i have <base href="[[++site_url]]" />

      the render is <base href="/fr/" />

      but i’ll like the render is full url

      <base href="http://localhost/fr/" />

      it’s posssible ?

      why i need a full url ?
      Because i need use this for a javascript code

      thanks for your help


        • Add-On to easily manage your multilingual sites: Babel
        • Sorry, I posted a link to the old article...

          I’ve changed the link above
            Add-On to easily manage your multilingual sites: Babel
          • thanks Jakob,

            i add those lines

            RewriteCond %{HTTP:Accept-Language} !^de [NC]
            RewriteRule ^$ en/ [R=301,L]
            RewriteRule ^$ de/ [R=301,L]

            and work fine

            thanks a lot.

            • @bitbox
              thank you for that nice and detailed instructions. I could follow them easily and it works so far but I dont know how to go on.

              @ bitbox and everybody else who likes to help me
              I use Revo 2.0.7 and what I would like to do is as follows:
              A multilingual website with 3 languages at what its correspondings flags are shown on all pages to be able to switch between all languages, but only those links and/or flags are clickable/shown activly which have got an existing and published page.
              That website will only be built on one language fully, the second one maybe by half of the pages and the third language only by about a fifth part of all pages.

              But first and most important of course - what do I need to get these flags shown on the website? A TV or snippet? Can you explain?

              How does modx know which ressouce is the corresponding one? Can I name that ressource-aliases differently on that pages that should correspond to each other?
              Sorry for that many questions.

              • I still have no idea how to do it.
                Did I ask the wrong questions or is nobody there who could help me?
                • You can do this with the BabelLinks snippet of the Babel Extra. Check the docu and the links I’ve posted above...

                  My comment in issue #22 may help you, too: https://github.com/mikrobi/babel/issues#issue/22

                    Add-On to easily manage your multilingual sites: Babel
                  • sorry I was wrong here with my inquiry.
                    • Thanks for this posted. grin

                      Did implement some of it smiley

                      I had to add the base_url key, to make it work.