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  • Hi and thanks for a great site!
    I downloaded and installed latest version of Modx, but i cant see the Tinymce editor? Ive checked the configuration and it says that Tinymcs is enabled. Ive tried different browsers. I tried to install it separately but it didn’t work. Any Ideas?

    I really like modx and i want to get started building my site rolleyes !
    • Hey! Does TinyMCE show up in Resources-Manage Resources-Plugins? It should show up there if you do indeed have it.

      -jc grin
      • This is really weird rolleyes

        Yes, i do have it in Resources-Manage Resources-Plugins. And when i try the Modx demo at opensourcecms.com it works there. But not in my installation. And then i tried different cms programs just to see if there was something wrong with my Modx installation, but i couldn’t see TinyMCE in any cms? In fact no WYSIWYG anywhere. Isn’t that weird.

        Thanks for the tip oksman! Ive been trying to solve this 24/7 for a couple of days, so any more ideas is very much appreciated tongue

        Oh, and i have checked System configuration-interface & features-enable editor
        • Disable firewalls, adblockers, and any other such software. Make sure you’re not using Safari...
          • Hi again, thanks for the help grin
            Ive tried with firewall etc off but no luck and I’m using explorer.

            I did notice that when i try to edit a page in Modx, it says "Error on page" down in the left corner of the page. I double clicked it and it says:

            Line: 755
            Char: 2
            Error: ’tinyMCE’ is undefined
            Code: 0
            URL: http://localhost/manager/index.php?id=1&a=27

            This should be the issue, but I’m no expert (yet). Help please rolleyes
            • Thank you so much OpenGeek laugh You were right, it was my antivirus software, I had to remove it completely to get the TinyMCE editor to show.

              Thanks for a smooth cms!!
              • grin grin grin Thats great. Computers can be rather frustrating (I never knew I had an anger prob til I got a pc). smiley

                • Quote from: oksman at Jan 22, 2007, 07:23 PM

                  grin grin grin Thats great. Computers can be rather frustrating (I never knew I had an anger prob til I got a pc). smiley

                  I had an advantage over you there, I had raised three boys to the teenaged stage before I got my first computer grin
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                  • HA!HA!HA! I am a "teenage boy" and I know what you’re saying (I have parents, not sons)! grin grin

                    see ya,
                    • This became an amusing discussion grin
                      Just wanted to say thanks again for the great support kiss