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  • What is the placeholder for the Date of Birth field for UpdateProfile - this is an available field but I can’t seem to find any reference to it anywhere. Very close to completing this clients site and now just last little tweaks.

    Have tried the following, but it doesn’t work:

    <label for="dateofbirth">[[!%login.dateofbirth]]
    <span class="error">[[+error.dateofbirth]]</span>
    <input type="text" name="dob" id="dob" value="[[+dateofbirth]]" />

    Tried creating a lexicon entry for login.dateofbirth which did indeed load up a label name of Date of Birth: but the input isn’t being recorded.

    Suggestions please. Thanks smiley
      Helen Warner
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      • Thanks for that, have changed the parameters to [[+dob]] but the date doesn’t show in the profile. I’m using the following in my input string - this may of course not be correct.

        <label for="dateofbirth">[[!%login.dob]] <span class="error">[[+error.dob]]</span> </label> <input id="dob" name="dob" type="date" value="[[+dob]]" />

        When a date of birth is added to the User profile within the Manager the date is not returned in date format on the form. My example is input date
        and the output value using [[+dob]] is

        Suggestions please? This is last piece of puzzle for creating my clients profile form.
          Helen Warner
          Number one pixel!
          Proud to be linked with MODX at Crimson Pixel
        • That’s a UNIX timestamp (dates before 1970 are in negative notation). Your input function is converting it; and wrongly at that, as the PHP date() function returns it as 04-11-1965. It has something to do with the input processing function thinking it’s US-style time if - is used and Europe style if / is used or something like that undecided
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          • Hi Susan thanks for speedy response - the date requirement is European (UK) and the string format that I would like to return is
            %d %m %Y
              Helen Warner
              Number one pixel!
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            • Here’s an awesome peace of code I use every time if using the jquery datepicker.
              I don’t originally know where I got the snippet from but in this case it should help ( I think )

              function convert_date(){
                var $this=$(this);
                var id='date-input-'+Math.random().toString()
                var dparts=$this.val().split(/-/);
                    altFormat:'DD, d MM, yy',
                var $wrapper=$this.wrap(
                    '<div style="position:relative" />');
                var $input=$('<input id="'+id+'" class="date-human-readable"
                    value="'+date_m2h($this.val())+'" />');
                    'setDate', new Date(dparts[0],dparts[1]-1,dparts[2])

              So instead of the db version of yyyy-mm-dd you get day, month, year
              I don’t know if modx already does this but I think this should help you get what you’re wanting to achieve.
              • The problem isn’t about being able to enter a date it is what is returned from the [[+dob]] field. I can enter the date 11-04-1965 in the manager and what is returned on the front end is:

                Date of birth: -149130000

                Until I’ve figured out how this is altered having a date picker isn’t going to help - although I will hang to this for when a resolution is found wink
                  Helen Warner
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                • Well for News and Blog posts I use this to display the date.
                  [[+publishedon:strtotime:date=`%d, %b, %Y`]]

                  I’ve forgot what that’s apart of now, I don’t know if it’s part of the core of modx or if it’s a part of quip, I think it might even be getResources. Never the less you’ve got more experience than me and I’m pretty sure you’ve seen it before. All I would do is mimic that process exactly the same but instead of publishedon I’d put dob.

                  Then again I think I may be miss understanding this again.
                  I’ll have the same problem tomorrow when I come to making the user profiles page. I’ll let you know how I got on.
                  • Revo returns a date string for the resource fields (createdon, publishedon, etc) but apparently not for dob. Try this :

                    [[*dob:date=`%d %m %Y`]]
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                    • Nope tried those options and doesn’t return anything. huh

                      Did try the following too:
                      [[+dob:date=`%d %b %Y`]] or [[+dob:date=`%d %m %Y`]]

                      But no joy yet.
                        Helen Warner
                        Number one pixel!
                        Proud to be linked with MODX at Crimson Pixel