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  • Version 0.3.1 has been attached to the first post.

    Minor change:
    - now active users are typographically differentiated from those blocked.
    • If i don´t fill in "Extra Recipients (comma-separated email addresses)" with an email, it says i have omitted required fields.
        [url=http://www.williamastrom.se]Webdesign and CMS developer William
      • Thanks for this replay. I will check whether the module behaves improperly or not and post the result here.
        • 2wias
          I looked into the both core code and my working copies of the module. It behaves properly.

          The situation that you have described appears just in one case -- when you have no users in your system (except default admin account, i.e. yourself) -> it is shown on 1st screenshot. But the behavior of the module in this case is absolutely correct -- email should have at least one valid recipient so module (in the situation when there are no users) expects to obtain such a recipient from Extra Recipients field.

          On the 2nd screenshot you can see a real system with one additional manager user and several web users.
          • Thanx alik - module is great...tested and working...
            • Version 0.4 has been attached to the first post.

              Major change:
              - now you can choose a format for your emails by switching between "plain" and "html" options on module’s configuration tab.
              • Definitely going to try this out later! May I ask, can this actually be used like some sort of newsletter to people registrering on my site with their name and email?
                • Yes, it can serve as a simple newsletter tool. However, good newsletter system should keep a history for sent stuff -- this module at its current stage of development does not record such info. (Maybe, it is a right direction for next step in development...)