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  • Quote from: Ross1234 at Apr 03, 2008, 04:55 PM

    A backend manager

    Hope I am not too late to join the party for feature request - I just spent 20 minutes deleting a total of 250 spam, apart from the annoyance, I find it a pain to have to delete each spam post individually. I think a full on comment manager at backend is necessary.  After this experience, I am actually not sure if I ever want to build a blog in Modx, if, there is no way to fight the spam.
    • backend manager is already planned for jot 2.0.0
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      • I would use jot with MaxiGallery. So if there would be an extra parameter I could use comments for each picture. (I would just give docid and picid as params.)

        I think this would be also useful for other purposes.
        • I’d like to be able to log and display IP to moderator if moderate=`0` (cf http://modxcms.com/forums/index.php/topic,26994.msg164044.html#msg164044)
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          • A BB-code or HTML usage for some groups or for all and for managers always

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            convert plain text 2 html links flag - actually my main problem right now smiley
            don’t want to use phx - guess i can do it through regexp
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            • The ability to be able to call the last ( number ) comments to the home page by using &docid=`*` and also be able to pull the last number comments from any given parent, IE if I have 100 docs under my parent of Pubs I would add something like &docparent="10" or &docparent=`10, 15` ect.

              • Hi,

                I think this is very good that moderators data save in DB table. it makes possible to manage moderators.
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                • Ability to specify the order of output blocks (form, comments, etc) or (comments, form, etc) in the Jot call.

                  I only use the placeholders to change the order of output and sometimes a new PHx breaks this. Sometimes cached/uncached breaks it too.

                  Anyway, would be nice if we could just set this in the call and avoid that issue entirely.

                  Great code BTW!
                  • &canmoderate parameter (and other similar params) only get webgroup names while PHx can access to document author data and current user data and it is possible to get dynamic values for these params.
                    I think that ability of specifying moderators by their usernames or user IDs is useful.
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                    • Customizable captcha method (especially by giving the option to build and use a captcha of one’s own - diversity is strength!), especially enabling the admin to use text-based captchas and others to post comments. The graphical captchas I encounter at every corner of the web annoy me so. I am not blind or of low vision, but I feel with people who are.