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  • You can edit posts on here you know wink

    If your using MIGxdb you can add a search filter with that (http://rtfm.modx.com/display/ADDON/MIGXdb.Create+doodles+manager+with+help+of+MIGXdb) the dbFilter is the bit your after.

    as for your second question, we had something similar with products, except we had a differetn display page for the product so we needed to take the parameter.

    What you could do, is load all of the fields in the chunk, but hide the ones you dont want with jquery and show it that way.

    <div>[[+fname]] [[+lname]] - [[+speciality]]</div>
    <!-- Hide this div until clicked -->
    <div> [[+next]], [[+oneafter]], [[+andanother]]</div>
    • Thanks for the info. I'm starting to think that I'm a little in over my head. RowBoat is not going to allow to do what I really want to do.

      What I need seems pretty straightforward. I have a table of doctors with their information. The initial page has all doctors listed under their cities. (Using several different RowBoat calls.) But I need to be able to click on any given doctor and have a page populate with their information.

      I would also like to have all this searchable, but not as crucial as being able to generate a bio page. I will look into a jQuery solution. Maybe I can lightbox the bio on top of the current page. Not SEO friendly at all, nor can anyone bookmark or link to that.

      I'm going to read Bobs's guide on custom DB table access and see if that opens some doors. (http://bobsguides.com/custom-db-tables.html)

      Tyreal2012, I appreciate your help, BTW. [ed. note: SpaceCity last edited this post 8 years, 2 months ago.]
      • If you would like a searchable list, can I suggest http://modx.com/extras/package/advsearch which has excellent custom table support.

        If you don't want to use that, you could use rowboat to list all your items, and then use a query string something like <a href="[[~idofdetailpage]]?id=[[+id]]">[[+FirstLastName]]</a> and use getReqParam snippet from package management on the detail page to pass that id to the rowboat snippet where param

           &where=`{"id":"[[!getReqParam? &name=`id` &type=`GET`]]"}`

        Of course you need to add in your table info etc and I'm sure others will post other ways to get there, but this would probably be the easiest/quickest....
        • I have a problem that's confusing me horribly. These statements work:
          [[Rowboat? &table=`modx2012Jan_yarona_species`
             &tpl=`RacesLI` &where=`{"name:LIKE":"%Human%"}` ]]
          [[Rowboat? &table=`modx2012Jan_yarona_species`
             &tpl=`RacesLI` &where=`{"name:LIKE":"%Ra'asi%"}` ]]

          ... and this one does not:

          [[Rowboat? &table=`modx2012Jan_yarona_species`
             &tpl=`RacesLI` &where=`{"speciesID:>=":9}` ]]

          Is ">=" matching not supported? [ed. note: Sabrecho last edited this post 7 years, 11 months ago.]
            "The problem with troubleshooting is sometimes trouble shoots back." - Unk.
          • Is it possible to include multiple ids into the &where parameter?:

            Thanks in advance!
            • you can try:


              not sure, if that will work with Rowboat.

              with migxLoopCollection or pdoResources, I think it does.

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              • Any plans to make rowBoat compatible with 2.3?
                • Are you sure it's not? I would expect it to work as is.
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                  • I wasn't able to get it to work.
                    • The query it builds shows this:
                      SELECT * FROM `modx_doodles` WHERE `id` IN "Array" ORDER BY `name` ASC LIMIT 10 

                      So the function for handling the "where" property isn't dealing with the inner array:
                      if (!empty($where)) {
                          $where = $modx->fromJSON($where);
                          if (!empty($where)) {

                      This produces
                      array(1) { ["id:IN"]=> array(2) { [0]=> int(2) [1]=> int(3) } }
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