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  • Shamblett,

    I swear that wasn;t there yesterday when I looked. Mist be going blind from looking at too much code (lol)

    Anyway, I've already read the guide and as I said above I just get a mangled version of the Evo hiomepage when I try to login. It freezes the Provisoner section, no menu or anything, just reaaranged images and text.

    So basically I can;t get past the Admin section in the Provisioner menu.

    I suspect something has not connected in the revogateway but I have no idea what.

    I've tried putting it both the assets and the snippets directory but the result is the same.

    Do I need to change any file permissions?

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    • If you can mail me the account/password of the evo site your connecting to I'll have a go from one of my test sites, debug should tell me what's going on.
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      • OK,

        next dumb question, now that I've got Provisoner working (thanks for that Steve) , how do i actually import a file?

        From the guide it seems like I either have to drag and drop or right click and select Import.

        However neither do anything.

        Is this the right way or do i need to unlock something somewhere?

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        • Drag/drop doesn't work, you have to import the entity you want, as I remember imported files are stored in the files directory initially, you have to move them to where yo want them after importing.
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          • But how do you import them?

            There's no option or menu to do so.
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            • Right click should work, you should get an import pull down, screenshot attached, README imported
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              • OK,

                now I get it, was having trouble deciphering some of the phrasing used in the guide. I was looking in the wrong place.

                For those that come after me:

                Any imported Resources are placed in the Provisoner Resource folder in the main Resource tree menu.

                (Kinda obvious in hindsight.)

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                • Steve,

                  'nother question. been playing with Provisoner on my test site and am getting the hang of it, very nice piece of gear.

                  Couple of questions

                  1: If i want to import all my documents with their associated TV content, I can only do that using the site import feature, right? I tried doing them singly and the TV content doesn;t make the trip.

                  2: If I want to have all the documents Published, that do has to be done via the Site Import function? I don't fancy manually setting hundreds of documents to published.

                  3: IF I do it this way, will it also bring over the original data published info?

                  If I'm reading the guide right, it will, but I just want to make certain.

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                  • TV's/templates are only imported as part of the site import.

                    It should bring over resources with the settings they have in the evo site for published on, edited on etc
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                    • Steve,

                      just a quick note.

                      In the Addon notes it says this can't be used with Revo 2.2, but that is what I've been using and so far there have been no major problems.

                      Or is it just the logging in to remote Revo sites that's the issue?

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