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  • Thanks for the kind words. I wish I could make that claim.

    I use NuSphere’s PhpED as my primary code editor. It has a whole modx install as one project, and Revo as another. It will do a search of the entire MODx codebase in about 5-10 seconds (a little longer for a regex search). When the search is done, it shows each found line in a list in the Search Results pane and, if you click on one, it loads the file for editing and puts the cursor on that line in less than a second.

    As a bonus, in the Pro version, I get code highlighting, code folding, multi-file regex search and replace, a db browser/editor, a code explorer, ftp, a zillion keyboard shortcuts, a built-in php debugger, code autoformatting, and a NuSoap Client. If I right-click on a function call, it will offer to take me to the function declaration -- even if it’s in a different file. If I right-click on an include file name, it will offer to open the include file. If I start typing a variable name, it will show me a list of variables in the current file to select from.

    I couldn’t live without it. Someday I’ll do a review of it for Bob’s Guides.

    I should mention that many, if not all, of these capabilities are available in PhpEclipse for free. I happen to like the PhpED user interface better (and it’s a one-step install/upgrade) but many people swear by the Eclipse platform.
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