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  • Its a really good thing!
    But I would like from it any small things: that it correctly output links to files and directories with cyrillic symbols, and also correctly output links  with symbols "" and "&" in names of files and directories !

    I have tried to make the first so:
    if(strlen($this->_config['curRelPath'])) {
    						$filelocat = implode("/", array_map("rawurlencode", explode("/",  $this->_config['curRelPath']))) . '/' . rawurlencode($filename);
    					} else {
    						$filelocat = rawurlencode($filename);

    And it even works!
    But I don’t know how to realize the second!  embarrassed
    It would be desirable, if the author will consider it in the next version of filedownload!

    P.S. Sorry for my english...
      Sorry for my english! smiley