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  • It would be great to have the possibility to change the default sort order of the resource tree in the backend. Maybe with a new variable in the system config?

    Edit: Or even better... if it would be possible to set the sort order per folder (parent), so if you have a news section this could be sorted by published date and if you have a glossar section, this could be sorted by pagetitle.
    • SandersDesign Reply #2, 7 years ago
      I would have to agree. I had to explain the sort option with a client today.
        Martin Sanders - Design & Web Development
      • Scott Wespi Reply #3, 7 years ago
        There is a sort button in Evolution already. The icon has two green arrows changing directions, and when you click on it you can sort by several different fields, ascending or descending. That said, having a different sort option under each parent might be nice.

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        • SandersDesign Reply #4, 7 years ago
          Hi swespi, I believe charger15 was expressing that it would be great if there was somewhere within the site settings to set a default.
            Martin Sanders - Design & Web Development
          • Yes exactly, I want to set the default so that I don’t have to sort it the way I want every time I log in.
            • SandersDesign Reply #6, 7 years ago
              Hi charger15, on further investigation you can manually set the default sort order by editing line 96 of ’/manager/frames/nodes.php’.

              if (!isset($_SESSION['tree_sortby']) && !isset($_SESSION['tree_sortdir'])) {
              		// This is the first startup, set default sort order
              		$_SESSION['tree_sortby'] = 'menuindex'; // Change menuindex to a value of your choice. 
              		$_SESSION['tree_sortdir'] = 'ASC';

              Hopefully this helps smiley
                Martin Sanders - Design & Web Development
              • Hi SandersDesign

                Thanks for that, that helps!

                EDIT: Sorry, I didn’t recognize that this only works in EVO. My site is running on REVO. I tried to find the related place in REVO but had no luck until now. If anyone already knows...
                • I would also like to know how to achieve this in Revo!
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                  • I think the logical thing is to have the setting be sticky when you change the tree’s sort order using the menu at the top of the tree (if it isn’t already).
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                    • The tree_default_sort System Setting (under the area called Back-End Manager) controls this in Revolution.