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  • I opened a support ticket, but it wasn’t much help. I’m at a total loss here. I can’t tell if it has to do with the host or something in MODx.
    • I’ve run a Dedicated Virtual Server from MT for 3 years now (am up to hosting 12 sites and about to upgrade to the next level of DV server). I have had 1 issue in a 3 year period, which was the cause of a fire in a data center (which I compare to lightning striking, chances are 1 in 1 million) Beyond that they have been the best hosting platform I’ve ever used in 10 years of web development (I’ve used about 15 different hosts or so over the years) - Their support staff is super knowledgeable and responsive, with my DV I have control over everything I need in the environment and each of my clients gets their own control panel to manage Databases, emails, (or anything I give them permission to) and I can even set storage and traffic limits on each account.

      I’m an MT fan for life.
        Tabor Carlton // Interactive Art Director
      • I am having the same issues with database connections and I’m on (mt) grid server. I have launch a support ticket but nothing from them all day.
        Will try your suggestion about php.ini
        • What’s your database host set as in your config.inc.php? MT requires that you reference the "internal.123.abc" or something like that as your database host, which is different than most -- most other hosts just require that you reference "localhost" as your database host.
          • Yeah I made sure it was pointed to my server name, but it was never going to work...

            Guys I solved the issue it was MediaTemple. Took them 12 hours to get back to me only to say their Grid Servers don’t offer support for this kind of service!! shocked I want my 12hours back!!! >:( The project was supposed to be online yestday/

            In the meantime I setup my domain with TMDhosting.com The site was up in a few minutes !!! grin laugh
            They even did the transfer for me and setup the DB connections grin. Brilliant service top marks for MODx support!
            • I’m not clear on what exactly the problem was... we’ve got several MODx Evolution sites hosted on MT gridservers, and we haven’t had problems.