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  • Quote from: Terry at Jan 03, 2009, 07:26 PM

    As for the other items. Cutting edge? Yikes! All I want is a standard wamp/modx setup for the projects I’m working on. I wouldn’t know how to make any of this cutting edge. . .

    I used the latest modx download and latest wampserver2. I’m not aware of either of those being beta or unique in anyway.

    I don’t know where the library version of 5.0.51a is coming from other than that was in the previous wamp install. That version of sql is the reason I’m installing this all new. The sort bug was preventing me from properly testing the site I’m developing. Is it possible the uninstall of the previous wampserver was incomplete and left some remnants of the old sql? If so, how would I correct that?
    Yes, cutting edge in that MySQL 5.1 and PHP 5.2.8 were released less than 30 days ago. Experience with them is limited.

    For Windows, I can only recommend XAMPP and since I do not develop on Windows any more, I’m not up to date with the recent releases. But yes, it is possible remnants of the old mysql stuff is there, but it is also possible the PHP package is not properly compiled with the proper mysql client API in wampserver2. I’m unfortunately not familiar with this project though and cannot really make a call on that one.

    Quote from: Terry at Jan 03, 2009, 07:26 PM

    Any thoughts on the export problem?
    Yes; it seems the Export to HTML is using call-time-pass-by-reference, a PHP language feature that was made optional in PHP 5 and is likely disabled in your php.ini (see allow_call_time_pass_by_reference option and turn it On in php.ini to solve the issue until this can be resolved properly in the code).

    • Yes, cutting edge in that MySQL 5.1 and PHP 5.2.8 were released less than 30 days ago. Experience with them is limited.

      Hmm, didn’t realize. I don’t see an option to choose back level versions. I’d rather not go through another complete install again. . .

      As for the sql version thing perhaps I’ll post a question on the wampserver forum.

      Also I enabled the allow_call_time_pass_by_reference option but no change. I checked this in the php settings in the wamp menu. Shut down and restarted all services. No change.

      Then I went directly to the php.ini file and found the line in the config file and found that AFTER I had changed the setting in the menu it still said
      allow_call_time_pass_reference = Off

      I changed it to On. Restarted all services. Still can’t export.

      Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
      • Well the wampserver forum tell me that the sql version warning is the result of an unresolved php bug.

        But any thoughts on the export html problem are still welcome.
        • My personal choice is.

          My macbook pro running mint Linux with sql compiled from their svn and using their GUI tools.

          PHP from svn and fingers crossed.

          If our wondering why i use mint and not Debian or Red Hat, it’s for the networking capability very little setup is required after install.

          XAMPP is great if your using a windows machine, but for speed network abilities and thorough testing i would use the Linux method as most internet hosting companies use Debian Linux.

          • This is what I did to get everything to work nicely with Xampp&XP:
            - Set port 8080 instead of 80 see http://blog.wolffmyren.com/2008/07/30/making-xampp-apache-work-with-iis-on-windows-xpvista/
            - Change ht.access to .htaccess (with notepad, Save As, pick ‘All Files’, rename the file)
            - Activate friendly URLs (mod_rewrite)
            - open the modX configuration (localhost:8080/manager/) and login

            Userfriendly URLs: Yes
            Suffix Userfriendly Urls: php
            Userfriendly Aliases: Yes
            Allow Double Aliases: No
            Automatically create Alias: yes

            Allow file management: Yes
            Path to files: c:\xampp\htdocs\assets\
            Url to files: assets\

            Path to modx installation:

            How I organize it:
            Save your template in a subdirectory of htdocs: htdocs\assets\templates\mynewtemplate\

            Template Images go in htdocs\assets\templates\mynewtemplate\images
            Template CSS goes in htdocs\assets\templates\mynewtemplate\css

            website files go in htdocs\assets\files
            website flash goes in htdocs\assets\flash

            Hope this helps someone...

            • Hi,
              Just another vote for easyphp couldn’t get xamp to work for me decided found easyphp worked straight off on a windows xp dell laptop.

              • pinwheelspiercing Reply #37, 11 years ago
                Hey guys,

                First time visitor and user of MODx...

                I just installed Revolution 2.0 on my bluehost account and I made a new MySQL database for it to connect to, which it seems to do just fine.

                I’m following a video tutorial and after the "Test database server connection and view collations" runs successfully, there’s a "Create or test selection of your database", after which one is prompted to create admin credentials for the database as seen in this pic of the tutorial:


                Mine however is successful up to the point of "Test database server connection and view collations" but when I go to click on the "Create or test selection of your database", nothing happens, as shown here:



                Can someone please help this n00b figure out what’s up?

                I’m guessing it’s just something simple with the database I created?

                Many thanks for any and all assistance!

                • pinwheelspiercing Reply #38, 11 years ago
                  Oh, it’s working now........


                  My apologies, seems to have cured itself!
                  • Hi, another newbie here attempting to install MODx on my laptop. I have pass all the pre-installation checks and when I click install I get eth below messages huh

                    Any help appreciated.

                    • Ignore above, the install wouldn’t recognise the database i had created so i used the test database and it installed successfully, so far smiley