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  • Hi, I am trying to install Modx CMS on my laptop for evaluation/development purposes. I have the latest versions of MYSQL and PHP and IIS with the latest service packs installed. The issue I have is that following what appears to be a full and successful install - having made the necessary read / write changes etc and receiving an install successful message, I can not seem to add users.

    I believe the problem is related to the setup.sql script as I am not convinced all the tables have been added successfully during the install. My modx database shows 20 tables have been added but they don’t seem to include the webusers table and I think others may also be missing. Can anyone shed any light on how many tables should be included in a default install. I am an experienced ASP / MSSQL developer but I’m new to PHP / MYSQL .. any help appreciated. Tks.
    • For local testing/development, it’s tough to beat XAMPP on Windows.

      For Mac folks, I personally prefer the following for flawless results under OS X (your websites go into /Library/WebServer/Documents/ and can be accessed via putting localhost/web-site-folder-here into your browser):

      Other Mac devs prefer MAMP.
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      • Hi there,

        Though not 100% related, i guess it’s ok to post this here. Hoping the many brilliant minds out there help me out...

        I’m looking for a bundle of Apache+mySQL that can run from a CD/USB pen/whatever portable medium. I want to distribute a site on a CD, so it needs to fire up Apache and mySQL and then point to the php files on the CD to enable browsing.

        I’ve seen this done a couple of year ago, but now can’t seem to find anything similar on the web.

        I use XAMPP for local testing and it’s work fine but right now I don’t see how I could achieve this CD with it.

        Anyone has any clues?

        Have a glourious weekend!

        Cheers, JP
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          • "He can have a lollipop any time he wants to. That's what it means to be a programmer."
          • Quote from: doze at Jan 05, 2007, 10:23 PM

            Could this help? http://portableapps.com/apps/development/xampp
            Or this?: http://www.chsoftware.net/en/useware/wos/wos.htm
            • Thanx for the feedback guys, looks like XAMPP is the way to go.
              • Another, even smaller, alternative is http://www.uniformserver.com/
                • EasyPHP is able to run from a USB key, another one is mov’AMP, but it’s french tongue

                  But other than that, I agree with Ryan about XAMPP and personnally I am lazy thus I am using MAMP on my Mac...
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                  • I’m considering a way to make MAMP portable, but don’t happen to have a working usb drive at the moment. But it involves a terminal session and the mount command; works in Linux, should work in OS X.
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                    • Hi,

                      Thank you everyone for the advice - plenty of good suggestions! The one that suits me best apparently is mov’Amp: very simple and somewhat lighweight (~20mb), seems perfect to provide a web environment with minimum requirement and configuration.

                      @davidm: si c’étais en chinois, ce serait pareil - c’est simple, discret...et ça marche! On s’en fout du français! grin Merci bcp!
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