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  • I have a new install of 2.6.1 that is misbehaving. I can create a new resource and save it, but if I change the template it uses and then save it the save process hangs with an ever-cycling progress bar that I can only stop by refreshing the page, which then reverts to the original template. Any ideas as to what might be causing this behaviour or a suggestion for a fix would be much appreciated.

    Thanks - Markz
    • From my experience its an issue on the server with mod_security settings. Loosen the settings and things should be ok.
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      • Thank you for your reply, and apologies for my late reply.

        Unfortunately I have no idea how to go about that, can you point me in the right direction?

        Many thanks - Markz.
        • If your website is on a shared hosting account then you would probably need to contact your service provider and ask them if mod_security could be a factor and whether they can disable it for your site.
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          • The odds are that there's something in the template that mod_security doesn't like.

            If you create a new template with just bare-bones HTML code and you can save it, it's almost certainly a mod_security issue.

                    <h3>Hello World</h3>

            You can play around with removing parts of the troublesome template to try to find the offending part.

            It's less likely, but sometimes a mismatch between the PHP date.timezone setting and the MODX date_timezone System Setting can cause trouble with saving.
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            • Thank you for the replies.

              I can create a template, I just can't change the template a resource uses. When I do the save progress bar just loops continuously, the only way out is to refresh the page which returns the template to the previous one. I have also found that richtext tv's content only shows up after refreshing a resource; text and image tv's content appears without a problem. Curious.
              • Do you have any plugins that check the syntax of code on your pages? Sometimes these have caused problems for me.

                Did you try Bobs suggestion of creating a very simple template and then switching one of your resources to that template?

                Do you have TinyMCE installed? This has also caused problems for me in the past.

                If you turn off 'rich text' for a page can you then switch its template?
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                • Can you change the template by right clicking on the page in the tree and selecting "quick Update" ?
                  • I do have TinyMCE installed, but turning richtext off doesn't solve the template changing issue.

                    I can change the template with right-clicking to "Quick Update" however, which is odd. Does this give any clues as to the cause of this issue?

                    I might try uninstalling tinyMCE, is there a recommended alternative?

                    Thanks again for all your input here smiley
                    • Try removing tinyMCE and install TinyMCE Rich Text Editor by theboxer instead, that may fix the issue