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  • It's February 29th and it only comes around once every 4 years and that makes it a little special. Speaking of things that don't happen often, It's been 15 months since the last release of MODX Evolution. The international community-led team that is behind the current release, have made some important changes since that time including replacing the frameset in the Evo Manager with iFrames, virtually eliminated the document Resource limitations, and the team has worked very hard to make Evo fully compatible with PHP 5.6 through to PHP 7.

    Due to the time since the previous release and the significant number of changes for both security and PHP server compatibility, Evolution 1.1 should be considered mandatory update/upgrade for all users of MODX Evo 1.0.15 and below.

    Quick stats on the multitude of changes that increase the capabilities of Evo for the release of MODX Evolution 1.1:

    • Bugfixes: 44
    • Refactor: 35
    • Additional Improvements & Updates: 35
    • Commits: 322
    • Files changed: 293
    • Participants: 21

    Important changes to note:
    • Deprecated Mysql replaced with Mysqli, to ensure compatibility with PHP 5.6 +
    • Manager no-longer uses a frameset, it now uses iFrames
    • New manager setting "AliasListingFolder" - Setting => Friendly URLs (tested with 1000000 documents, no more limits for documents)
    • DocLister is now a default snippet - English documentation can be found in the RTFM, courtesy of "kp52" who translated the official Russian documentation
    • Read the changelog for complete details on changes in 1.1

    We would like to thank the dedicated community-based MODX Evolution team behind these changes:
    • Dmytro Lukianenko (Dmi3yy)
    • D.Helfensteller (Deesen)
    • Agel_Nash (AgelxNash)
    • Sergey Davydov (MrSwed)
    • Kari Söderholm (Haprog)
    • YAMA (yama)
    • Thomas Jakobi (Jako)
    • and: Zevseg, Segr, TimGS, jasonabird, bossloper, Eoler, fourroses666, rpre, pmfx, kulmjens, MaXL-ru, janniconl, Fess7, esszett

    And thanks go out to all those users who took the time to test and who contributed bug reports.

    Download Evo 1.1:
    You can download the latest version of MODX Evo from the following sources:
    Useful Evo Links:
    For those users who are interested in using Evo, but are unsure where to begin:

    Haven't updated / upgraded Evo in a while, no worries, check out the guide here
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