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  • Okay when I did the tut on AJAX Chat, I was fired up to look for other popular apps to integrate; I found Question2Answer, awesome forum alternative.
    Here is the tutorial

    Initialize MODx in the qa-config file
    replace these:
    Install after doing the above

    So MODx is great and all that rap; but when I mention it to relatively sane peeps, they say: huh, what what!
    Also, when I see all these major forum or other full-grown apps and whatnot, MODx is almost never mentioned in their list of integratables. I see Wordpress, Jambo, Drupal etc, but not my beloved MODx.

    So I am calling on junior and senior developers to spare some time to integrate a few third party add-ons, and to tell it to the add-on owner so that MODx can appear on their blinking map.
    When I say integration, I mean, well thought out and simply coded, so that the add-on can be updated as-is by even a dummy like me.

    So, instead of waiting for someone to do this for me, I decided to do this for someone. I hope ya find it worthwhile.
      TinymceWrapper: Complete back/frontend content solution.
      Harden your MODX site by passwording your three main folders: core, manager, connectors and renaming your assets (thank me later!)
      5 ways to sniff / hack your own sites; even with renamed/hidden folders, burst them all up, to see how secure you are not.