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    It sounds like an ACL entry issue. If it were a file permission issue, it should affect managers too.

    Possibly there's a permission those users don't have that triggers the error but doesn't prevent the page from loading properly in the Manager. It could be TV-related. It looks like a processor is triggering the message, but unfortunately it's not telling us which one.

    You could try using Chrome dev. tools (Ctrl-Shift-I in Chrome) and watching the network tab. You can drill down to see the responses and you should be able to see which processor file is returning that string.
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      Besides the issues that 2.3.1 fixed I've found 2.3 to be fairly solid and have seen very few issues.
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        I got the same problem on 3.2.1 that error not fixed

        HTTP_MODAUTH modx53c91565742e72.75836080_253d9093cd2c8c2.27585522
        action system/derivatives/getList
        class modResource
        id modDocument
        skip modXMLRPCResource

        To view a list of classes in the Class Map. role solve issue
        There problem no much info which king of issue I got. [ed. note: codenator last edited this post 9 years, 10 months ago.]
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          I got the:

          Code: 200 OK
          {"success":false,"message":"Permission denied!","total":0,"data":[],"object":[]}

          problem on upgrade from 2.2.14 to 2.3.1 and can confirm it was resolved my checking permission for class_map as suggested by codenator below:

          To view a list of classes in the Class Map. role solve issue
          There problem no much info which king of issue I got.

          Did need to Logout All Users to fully flush permissions but it did fix the message smiley
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            One issue I am having is that I will be working in the manager and if I logout there are times I log back in and the menu tree is gone. Susan pointed me to deleting the sessions from the database and clearing my cookies - that works sometimes but is a real pain.
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              @boomerang Wow, confirmed, giving class_map permission to usergroup, logout all users. deleting /manager/cache/ resolved the issue.

              Thank you so much

              But as this was not required for 2.2.x and causes issues and not documented i believe this should be documented now somehow. I still do not understand why this issue occurred. Hope someone can explain.

              Thank you again.
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                I have the same issue and 200 ok message and none of the above fixes worked for me.

                The difference with the other problems is that my error is only popping up at a resource in Articles.
                I can't seem to solve this, anyone have any ideas?
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                  Use Chrome, on the network tab, check which processor (by the URI) returned that response, then open the file and see what permission it was checking, and add it to the users group.
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                    I'v checked and it seems to be:

                    That is returning:
                    {"success":false,"message":"Toegang geweigerd!","total":0,"data":[],"object":[]}

                    In that file I found:

                    if (defined('MODX_REQP') && MODX_REQP === false) {
                    } else if (!is_object($modx->context) || !$modx->context->checkPolicy('load')) {
                        header("Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8");
                        header('HTTP/1.1 401 Not Authorized');
                        echo $modx->toJSON(array(
                            'success' => false,
                            'code' => 401,

                    So I noticed the load policy being checked. But that one is already checked for my user account.
                    Any other ideas?
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                      hmmm, this sounds like the connector itself, check the post parameter, the action field, this is the processor. The request which returns the actual error, open the processor which is in the action field the path will be "..../core/model/modx/processors/" then the action field.

                      This is the processor, the code inside that one is what returns the exact error. When you open the processor most probably you will not see the exact message but the lexicon call of it, but important is to see what security permission was checked.