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    It's a nice addition and works fine here with latest MODX. But it breaks "It's all Text" plugin in Firefox. And I need that for serious programming with Sublime Text.

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      For serious programming you should not use Manager at all (I mean code writing). Try ElementHelper (I didn't try it)
      You might be interested in silentworks user work - he works on Twig integration. You can find him on Twitter.

      What solution do you offer? Ace is not a textarea, it's just a div.
      • I've used Ace with It's All Text; in fact the Ace developer was very prompt at fixing a bug with the It's All Text edit button in the default Ace theme. I'm not using either one at the moment though, so I can't check it on my own sites. I got a copy of PHPStorm the last time they had it half-price, and so I'm forcing myself to use it for everything, so I'm using a lot of static elements.
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          wrong highlight on this code
            <p class="post-info">Author: [[+createdby:userinfo=`fullname`]]
              [[+tv.tags:notempty=` | <span class="tags">Tags: [[!tolinks? &items=`[[+tv.tags]]` &tagKey=`tag` &target=`1`]]</span>`]]</p>

          По логике ковычек подсветка вроде верная но не соответвует логике парсера.
          В данном случае должно быть подсвечено голубым от сюда "notempty=`" до сюда "`]]"(последние скобки)

          ---попробую показать так----
          [[+tv.tags:notempty=` | <span class="tags">Tags: [[!tolinks? &items=`[[+tv.tags]]` &tagKey=`tag` &target=`1`]]</span>`]]

          (а вообще спасибо за компонент, уж очень полезный) [ed. note: anticler last edited this post 11 years, 1 month ago.]
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            Any theme will produce faulty highlighting in some special cases. Mostly it can't handle nested [[]] for example:

            &showUnpublished=`[[!IsAuth? &groups=`[[!++FrontEndGroups]]`]]`

            Such a line will skip the coloring of anything thats below (another property). Otherwise it's pretty good. But this is really useless if we can't fix this.

            Thanks, Alex.
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              Quote from: pixelchutes at Mar 02, 2013, 04:46 PM
              Is the Ace component currently ignoring the "which_editor" User setting?

              Hi, did you get this figured out? I'm having the same problem.
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                anticler, yuka123, I fixed highlighting in a coming release (I'll publish it within a week). New higlighter is actually recursive.
                bobwal, ace ignores wich_editor, because this is not a Rich Text Editor. This is just a textarea enhancer. Set use_editor to no to get Ace in resources. Or uncheck Use RTE checkbox on specific resources.
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                  Thanks, got it working now. Also just discovered Ctrl+F11 fullscreen, now that's pretty awesome!
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                    Thanks, got it working now. Also just discovered Ctrl+F11 fullscreen, now that's pretty awesome!
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                      There's a .git file in:


                      I think these should not be there.

                      When you have a whole MODX site under git versioning, and try to: git add ., then git will complain about that file.