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  • A domain just the name. You need to get hosting for your domain, then on the hosting physical server build a website (web pages). MODx is a Content Management System; it makes it easy to create, edit and organize your web pages.

    My domain, sottwell.com, is registered with Hover https://www.hover.com/

    My site is physically hosted with Bluehost http://www.bluehost.com/

    There are special servers called DNS (Domain Name Server) all over the world to map domain names (like sottwell.com) to the actual address of the server where it physically lives ( so you don't have to remember that address when you want to go to my site.

    The "http" part of an address is the "protocol"; it means HyperText Transfer Protocol. When you put an address in your browser, it first goes to the special DNS servers to get the address of the domain. Then it requests a page from that address (much like getting someone's phone number from 411 then ringing their phone using the number). The physical server's operating system sees that this is an HTTP request, so it sends it to its web server program. The web server program will "serve" the requested page.

    In the case of MODx, the web server fetches the index.php file from the server, and it knows that .php is a script that has to be processed. So the MODx scripts get run, and MODx generates the page from what you put in the Manager about that page, and the server sends it off to your browser.
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