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  • Evolution 1.0.6 is Here.

    It's been over a year since the previous release of MODX Evolution and it's still being downloaded many times every day. This is a patch release to incorporate a critical security fix and a couple of other small resolutions. As there are only a few changes in this release you can review them in the changelog below.

    Due to the potential risk of remote script execution, Evolution 1.0.6 should be considered a mandatory update.

    Hopefully, we will be able to incorporate some larger improvements in the coming months with the help of community contributors.

    The MODX Team

    Changelog/Release Notes:
    MODx Evolution 1.0.6 (Mar 08, 2012)
    * [#7175] Fix sanitization to strip tags recursively in parser and in eForm
    * [#3799] Fix table creation on MySQL databases that no longer support TYPE keyword
    * [#3699] Fix fatal error using default value on a Template Variable with @INHERIT binding
    Additional Improvements & Updates:
    * [#3796] Fix manager_language not being sanitized
    * [JA879] improvement to pageCache read logic
    * Update minimum PHP version for manager to 4.3.3
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