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    Good luck ! wink
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      Hi Ben! I just installed BreadCrumb for Revo 2.2.0 and it works great! Thanks for your hard work (and documentation)!

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        Thanks !
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          Thanks Ben for enhancing the old breadcrumbs addon. Looked at the documentation and is very complete. Have a couple of questions.
          Why is it still in Beta? When's the PL release scheduled for?
          Is it buggy or can be used in production environments?
          Thanks much smiley
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            Hi oriolsabate,

            Finally, BreadCrumb 1.0.0-pl is released !! I just took (too much) time to test it and let MODx users do the same but now I think we're good.

            And yes, I used it in production and have no problems.
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              Beautiful! Thanks Ben smiley
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                My pleasure ! wink
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                  Ben -

                  I was wondering if you could help me. I was having an issue the breadcrumbs add-on, so I thought I would try your enhanced version. However, the issue still occurs and I am probably doing something wrong.

                  For some reason the links on the actual crumbs include a duplication of the parent resource.

                  Actual page: xyz.com/about-us/employment.html

                  Breadcrumbs link: xyz.com/about-us/about-us/employment.html

                  Also, the actual parent resource link is incorrect in the breadcrumb only on the sub page (it is correct on the actual page)

                  Actual page: xyz.com/about-us.html

                  Breadcrumb link (on employment.html): xyz.com/about-us/about-us.html

                  My Resource Structure is as follows: web
                  -about us

                  Thank you!
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                    These parameters don't work (1.0.0-pl & 1.1.0-pl)

                    I tried calling them at the same time and separately. Bug?

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                      It works for me. For example the code below won't display hidden resources :
                      [[BreadCrumb? &showHidden=`0`]]

                      The respectHidemenu property is not supported by this snippet.

                      What version of MODx do you use ?