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    Hi all,

    I’m new to maxigallery and a little bit confused about the templates. I first tried the example from the wiki, where both, thumb and pic are on the same page. But it didn’t work. After reading some forum threads I found this one and this is exactly what I want.
    So can someone explain the necessary steps for a dummy?
    Thanks a lot.


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      Hi Thorsten

      I added Install instructions and fixed a bug with manage=`0`, see the first post. Please download the newest zip file.


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        Thanks for sharing! smiley
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          Hi Eni,

          thanks for your detailed instructions. I get it running, but now I want to change the appearance.
          I’m a little bit confused about all the tpl’s so could you please help me again.
          Which template controlls the view of the thumbsview.

          Thank you very much,

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            The call where you use &display=`thumbview` add &galleryPictureTpl and define a custom template.

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              Does anyone have a working link to Maxigallery v.6 or v.7

              I haven't found any working links anywhere and would love to continue working with it even though it seems abandoned.

              I specifically want the hack that allows: &manage=`0` and that link is no longer good either.
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                I got maxigallery v.6 here.

                Thanks for the quick reply from kp52. It's nice when the community keeps these files around!

                Reposting it here so that people can find it if they are looking.

                I am still on the hunt for eerne's " manage=`0` " hack.