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    AjaxSearch 1.9.1 is available for Evo, on the demo site.

    No new functions are provided with this release.
    But for some issues (see below), you need to upgrade your AjaxSearch release. You can download it here.

    The release 1.9.1 provide the correction of the following issues:

    ==== AJAXSEARCH-65 : search-result numbers starting new at 1 on each search-result page

    ==== AJAXSEARCH-66 : Implement legacy support for parameters changes in 1.9.0.

    => an error is raised is you use a deprecated parameter like searchWordList, resultsPage, AS_showForm, AS_landing, AS_showResults

    ==== AJAXSEARCH-67 : stripos and mb_stripos error

    => this release could be used by php > 4.4 uers

    ==== AJAXSEARCH-68 : With Jquery and Safari, the page is reloaded when "enter" is typed

    ==== AJAXSEARCH-69 : AjaxSearch returns ALL images from Maxigallery

    ==== AJAXSEARCH-72 : Search terms not found with the "exact phrase" option

    ==== AJAXSEARCH-73 : Illegal character encoding - mb_convert_string issues

    ==== AJAXSEARCH-74 : AjaxSearch doesn’t run with a friendly url

    And the following languages files are added for version 1.9:

    - Slovak language files for AjaxSearch v1.9

    Read the ajaxSearch_version_191.txt for more information.
    Thanks for your feedbacks.
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      You could download the last release from the repository (as soon it will be published) or from the demo site from this page. The correct name of the ajaxSearch package is ajaxSearch191_7219 7249.
      7249 7219 is the lower svn id of the repository. The sanitization of all the external variables have been improved.
      Apologize for those who before, download the ajaxSearch191_243 package.
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        Hi coroico,
        Thanks for taking care of this. When I check the link on your page, the file version available says 7219 instead of 7249 and stills shows and 8/30/2010 date. Is the latest version posted yet?
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          Apologize, the correct svn number is 7219. Not 7249. And yes, the release date is 30/08/2010.
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            I got a problem since I updated one of my website.

            Modx 1.04 with ajaxsearch 1.9.1

            The website is two languages EN FR. Both are programmed the same way and I use the friendly URL (URL alias).

            My problem is when I do a search in the French side of the site I can display the list of results but when I click on a link to go see one of the result, I got a problem displaying the page, the source code showing me that the page is load until it stop at <body

            In the English side of the site, everything is working correctly

            I don’t know what it is.


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              Bonjour Etienne. I did a test on the demo site with accented characters (French Language) and Friendly url without issues. Are your alias with accented characters ?
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                Hi corioco,
                here is my link for the test website.
                The search is ok is only when I click on one of the links given in the result page.

                In the english everything is working correclty.

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                  Hi Etienne,

                  Just to show you, I activate the friendly url. Go on this demo page, search "tée" and click on "Chambord" link.
                  I haven’t any issue.

                  I think that the problem could come from how your url rewriting is done for French documents. Have you checked your .htaccess file ?
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                    Hi corioco,
                    The URL is ok, it is just that the page doesn’t load completly. Look at the source code once on a blank page. Also, if I check the URL and delete the ajaxseach portion of it everuthing is loading correctly.

                    I’m not sure to what i’m supposed to looking for in the htaccess file

                    Thx for your help.
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                      Could you post the AjaxSearch snippet call done inside the template and then the snippet call of the landing page. Thanks.