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    How do all backing!!! of not only with the prefix "modx_"
      Разработка сайтов на MODx
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      Modbak is not working with Modx 9.6

      Error while inserting event log into database

      update: it appears to still work even with the error message, the backup is in place smiley
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        I’m getting this as well.

        Initially, I was getting a memory overrun, so I increased the allowed memory_limit values in the main code, then I got the event log message.

        I find the zip file is complete, but does not include the database backup script (formerly included), although this is still sitting separately in the back-up directory.

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          Quote from: gspark at Jun 12, 2007, 04:00 PM

          update: it appears to still work even with the error message, the backup is in place smiley

          I too get the error message

          Error while inserting event log into database

          which appears a couple of seconds after I see a page saying backup successful and displaying a list of .zip files in my backup directory.

          Is there any way of stopping this error message appearing?
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            Error message and exit itself comes from line 1293 to 1296 of /manager/includes/document.parser.class.inc (MODx 0.9.6).

            if (!$ds) {
                        echo "Error while inserting event log into database.";

            In testing I commented this out which resolved the issue, as well as allowing the DB to be added to the .zip archive again (it hasn’t done that for a while on any of my sites).

            Obviously this really isn’t the way to deal with these bugs in a sensible fashion.

            So I suppose the more pertinent question is how do we get the event inserted into the database successfully, and therefore remove the error message?
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              Any news on this issue?
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                I have modx 0.9.6

                settings.php doesn’t work

                i set
                $modx_backup_dir = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/~backup/';

                but when entering modbak it says that "......./_backup/" doesn’t exist

                had to change folder to _backup
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                  QuickEdit под win-1251 без mb_-функций
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                  Hello smiley

                  Is it possible to use cron with ModBak - or does it have an auto-backup feature. How would I automate ModBak?


                  Ken Roberts
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                    I backed up my site using Modbak, and now I’m trying to restore it. I’m having some trouble restoring the database. In particular, I can’t seem to find the database in the .zip file. Shouldn’t it be named something.sql? the only .sql file I have is assets/snippets/jot/includes/jot.install.db.sql.

                    The original machine is gone. However, I used the builtin ModX stuff to backup all of the databases as well. I’ve never used phpmyadmin before, but I did what looked like the obvious thing: tell it to import the .sql file. I get this error:

                    SQL query:
                    # Lerner Clan Database Dump
                    # MODx 0.9.5 RC2 (rev 1942)
                    # Host: localhost
                    # Generation Time: Dec 30, 2007 am31 03:42
                    # Server version: 5.0.26-log
                    # PHP Version: 5.1.6-pl6-gentoo
                    # Database : `modx`
                    # --------------------------------------------------------
                    # Table structure for table `modx_active_users`
                    CREATE TABLE `modx_active_users` (
                    `internalKey` int( 9 ) NOT NULL default '0',
                    `username` varchar( 50 ) NOT NULL default '',
                    `lasthit` int( 20 ) NOT NULL default '0',
                    `id` int( 10 ) default NULL ,
                    `action` varchar( 10 ) NOT NULL default '',
                    `ip` varchar( 20 ) NOT NULL default '',
                    PRIMARY KEY ( `internalKey` )
                    ) ENGINE = MYISAM DEFAULT CHARSET = utf8 COMMENT = 'Contains data about active users.';
                    MySQL said: Documentation
                    #1046 - No database selected 

                    So .. can anybody help me either find the Modbak database backup or install this one?

                    Feel free to tell me to do all sorts of obvious things .. I’m very unfamiliar with these tools.
                    • According to that error message, you didn’t select a database in phpmyadmin. You can’t import tables and data until you tell it which database to import it to.
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