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    Hey everyone,

    I’ve been absent from the scene for quite a while and recently came back to a fresh new ModX beta. smiley I’ve been working on a long term project that doesn’t need to be published for yet another 9 months but one of the key requirements will be a user manageable profile of sorts. In past projects I’ve used WebloginPE with great success however looking through the available packages I haven’t come across an updated WebloginPE. I’ve tried googling and searching the forums here, but I haven’t seem to come across anything related to an upgrade or replacement. Have I just missed the announcement(s)? Would someone be kind enough to point me in the right direction or provide to me a timetable for an upgrade?

    Thanks in advance,
    - Peter
    • The user system in Revolution is going to be significantly different from Evolution and previous versions; WebLoginPE would need to be changed significantly as well. Since it is a third-party component (3PC), it’s up to the author or other interested parties to get it converted. Perhaps a better approach would be to indicate what features of WebLoginPE you need in Revolution, as there may be new/better ways to do what you are after.
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        The primary features I’m looking for include a web user registration form, profile management and an integrated password recovery system. Looking through the file descriptions of the Revolution compatible mods nothing seems to fit the bill exactly. The whole purpose is to give registered users the ability to login and see status updates unique to them, partially based on options they specified in their profiles in addition to providing some privacy. The system will be deployed within a school system where having a secure login system is critical to protecting student privacy as well as to prevent duplicate registrations and/or further system abuse.

        As I said before the project is long term so I can afford to wait a few months for the original 3rd party developers to push a new release, however, I’m quite certain there are many others within the ModX community looking for this same type of functionality as well, especially considering the popularity of the current version.

        Hopefully some plugins surface in the near future!

        Thanks for the help OpenGeek
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          I do not know if it is redundant (if so sorry for my English) I am also in need of a future automatic registration and registration profile from the choice to integrate a User Group, and Role Resourses Group (sale of such service, equipment sales, buyers). And in this way to customize the site for each group.
          No sé si es redundante (si es así lo lamento por mi ingles), estoy con necesidad también a futuro de un registro automático y desde el perfil de registro integrarlo la elección a un User Group, Rol y Resourse Group (ejemplo venta de servicio, venta de equipos, compradores). Y de esta forma personalizar el sitio para cada grupo.
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            therebechips Reply #5, 15 years ago

            Perhaps a better approach would be to indicate what features of WebLoginPE you need in Revolution, as there may be new/better ways to do what you are after.

            webloginpe is a bit of a mess imho, I actually hope that rather than a monolithic snippet we see a toolkit of user authentication components that demonstrate current industry best practice (for example password recovery), and a general purpose validation class/form parser that can be used for any purpose including user registration forms.
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              @therebechips: I second that.

              WLPE is a bit of a mess currently, but still useful if you’re willing to put in the work. Revo definitely needs a more robust set of tools with which developers can easily manipulate non-essential (core) code. I’ve found over the last year that every site that we’ve developed has had unique user management reqs. IMHO, this is probably one of the most under-the-radar subjects currently plaguing modx. Third party solutions are great... But, only if they integrate correctly. Leveraging the power of the modx core is essential for having an effective solution.

              Whether the solution comes from the core itself, the tools to do it with, or a cleanly integrated 3rd party solution doesn’t matter as long as it happens. (I prefer the inside job, smiley ) User management can be a crucial part of many websites and it would be great if there were a simple way to manipulate multi-tiered (master>parent>child>etc.) accounts with different levels of access on each tier and personalized account pages for user-specific information. Not complaining at all, ModX has been a fabulous tool so far and we’ve been able to accomplish all our goals with a little elbow grease. I just wanted to get out my wish list.
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                christianhanvey Reply #7, 15 years ago
                i strongly agree that this really should be a core feature of the system. From my experience, there are few websites I build where this is not an essential feature, and every other major CMS has this feature built-in, in one form or other. From the point of view of security that’s why i think it should be a core feature, so its tight with the whole system.
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                  I think in Revolution developers should be able to customize registration forms. WLPE is a total mess with HACKS to get it to work properly. A proper user registration, forgot password should be built into the CORE of Revolution. Drupal and Joomla have solid user registration customization. We should have this built in the CORE of Rev. Please anybody feel free to comment on this.

                  • Guys, the core has nothing to do with this; you can extend the user system in anyway you like and this is a key differentiator with all the other CMS’s. This is not for the core to decide. All the core is going to do is provide the foundation on which to build a custom user profile that can be attached/related to the core user table. Examples will be forthcoming...
                    • Exactly. Why should my installations be bogged down with all the baggage of a complex user management system if all I want is one admin user and a user that can do front-end editing (when QuickEdit or its sibling is available)?
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