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    I’m using two instances of WebloginPE 1.3.1 : login + `viewprofile`
    and like others encountered the problem of &loHomeId not working.

    One simple solution is to write this just below the call to WebloginPE.
    [!Personalize? &noChunk=`redirection_after_logout`!]

    In chunk {{redirection_ater_logout}}, I put this: [[phiRedirect? &id=`12`]]
    where 12 is the id of the document to which redirect after the user logged out.

    Works fine.

    I haven’t test the 1.3.2 beta version yet.
    • I’ve added a patch to the snippet code that may help; it allows the use of an external config file (like Wayfinder), so that config variables are local to the snippet call rather than dumped into the GLOBAL array (as configuration values and tag parameters are).

      1. Create a new folder in the assets/snippets/webloginpe folder named configs: assets/snippets/webloginpe/configs. Put a .php file with just empty php tags named "default.config.php" in the configs folder.
      2. Add this code at the beginning of the snippet code in the Manager:
              $wlpe_base = $modx->config['base_path']."assets/snippets/webloginpe/";
              //Include a custom config file if specified
              $config = (isset($config)) ? "{$wlpe_base}configs/{$config}.config.php" : "{$wlpe_base}configs/default.config.php";
              if (file_exists($config)) {
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