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    While i don’t need one just yet. I would like to know of any UK developers who are familar with MODX.

    I am using the system more and more and at some point may need to commission a number of works, so it would be good to have your details on file.

    • Hi,

      Absolutely - I’m based in Southampton and spending nearly all my working life inside MODx these days. I’ll PM you my CV so you have it on file.

        MAPLEDESIGN MODX development and MODX web design and custom development. Proud to serve UK and International clients!
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        I’m in Sheffield and Martyn is outside Nottingham.

        We are available for anything from an afternoon’s snippet writing, to gigantic, complex stuff.

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          I’m a MODx enthusiast based in Cornwall. I spend all my time developing MODx sites for freelance and individual clients so would be keen to help.

          If you need any support do let me know, whether it be Snippet adjustments, PSD conversions or entire website builds.

          I’ll PM you my details.

          Many regards,

            Martin Sanders - Design & Web Development
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            The more i’ll be sure to visit your websites and check your work.

            Its good that are a few of you around as I imagine you all pretty busy.

            Thanks for the replies. It would mostly be snippet type work as and when really.

            I’m sure i’ll be in touch with some of you in the New Year.

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              Shoot me a PM with your email address, I tried to send you a message at your old address. Have something for you if you are interested.


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                Sorry to hijack the thread a little, but could all UK modx developers who replied here also send me over there information, I love Modx and im pretty reasonable at it, but I know very soon custom work will be coming up, such as a property addon etc.



                [email protected]
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                  Hi Brett, I’ve just posted you a PM with my details.

                  ps. for some reason your ’[email protected]’ returned a failed to delivery error message.
                    Martin Sanders - Design & Web Development
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                    Maybe we can use this thread or some other system to list all UK developers and what work they prefer to carryout.

                    It would be nice to have some kind or database or directory.
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