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    Can’t wait to see it smiley !
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      MODx est l'outil id
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      The clock is ticking.. wink

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        Paul, how is this snippet going??
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          PDF to HTML - Converts PDF files to HTML files while seeking to preserve the original page layout (as best as technically possible).
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            good123, you’ve not read the thread.

            anyone can PDF a document. the point of this snippet is to have a PDF button which will take the contents of your page and output it to PDF, like in Joomla when you create news, articles etc.
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              Quote from: PaulGregory at Dec 14, 2006, 06:42 PM

              There are a few things that I planned to release publicly post 0.9.5, but unfortunately it’s a bit too near Christmas. I have a large workload on my dayjob presently and I have a fairly packed "spare time" presently.

              I’d put a projected release date of January 7th on the MODx PDF generator.

              I will however most definitely be switching this to use TCPDF, as FPDF hasn’t been updated since 2004. So thanks muchly for that link!

              also a problem could be that TCPDF is a PHP 5 class.
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                Apparently there is a PHP 4 branch of TCPDF (it’s used in Joomla I think)

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                  Hi all,

                  I came across this thread. Is there any news on the module or are the plans gone forever? embarrassed

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                    No news on this topic?

                    It would be useful to have this function...
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                      This would be an extremely usefull function for myself as well. I love the implamentation idea where you just add the .pdf suffix to the alias-name - quite grand really.
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