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  • Please see http://modxcms.com/moving-sites-to-new-servers.html for the main instructions on moving sites to new servers; I’ll see if I can’t get someone on the doc team to update the page for us, to include the tip information.
    • I let MODx generate the data, then the generated script will be executed in TOAD for MySQL. That is the way I transfer the data to the server and much more comfortable than phpMyAdmin because TOAD gives alot of detailed messages when something goes wrong.
      That is possible if you have a TCP-access to the server (depends on the provider).

      By the way I have 2 proposals

      • How about a further option just to truncate the tables and build the INSERT-statements ? Not every time it is needed to generate the the tables again.
        I have some trouble because the MySQL version of the server is older than the version I use locally - so I have to search for certain parts of the CREATE-statement to be changed.
      • What about to generate the Log-Tables but without INSERT statements ? They make the file very large and they are not needed every time.