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    Being an "intern" developer for FF I gotta say FF. I love FF though, I can seem to maintain better speeds upload/download through FF.
    I normally pull 18mbs through Chrome my second choice and 22mbs through FF.

    Gotta stick with FF
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      FF hands down. Though I gotta give mad props to Chrome developers for making IE run for its money
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        For personal use I use FF, but when dev'ing I use both FF and Chrome. Chrome is faster for me as I don't have any plugins installed.
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          This is our development setup:

          We use Google Chrome here and have Opera as dev-backup for special box-problems. Chrome is the only browser that comes by default with all tools (dev-tools) you need. Chrome-dev-tools are also the best on the market as they're based on Firebug and then enhanced with dozens of features you will likely never need (haha!). Chrome is the IDE now for us. We use our editors for basic markup and definitions but in Chrome you can build the layout and, more important you can control and test your interactive stuff.
          Opera has the coolest box-model visualisation. Chrome is fastest browser.
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            I'm with you there Anselm, Chrome is blazingly fast and the minimalist UI very clean. I've found FF on Mac has become very slow and as they release so many updates Firebug never seems to catch up.

            Besides, I always found Firebug a bit frustrating but Chrome's dev tools are a pleasure to use.
            • New personal favorite is Midori, super fast and no bs, then just to good measure always follow up with a FF and Chrome test - what was that other one....
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                i have never heard of midori anyway my fav can be lined as chrome,firefox and then IE ..
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                  I used to be a huge FF fan and was quite reluctant to change. Then I discovered Chrome while debugging a website and I was amazed. The developer tools are 1000% better than in FF. I can edit CSS and HTML on the fly and see the changes there and then. So much better.

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                    Like some people here I have been using FF with Firebug for a pretty long time, but after installing Chromium the first time, I absolutely stuck to this because of the built in, faster and better Developer Extensions. Firefox is now only second choice to verify what I did.

                    Currently I'm just giving Midori a chance, but until now, I don't see the big difference to Chromium apart from a different UI, but it feels slightly slower. What are the advantages (apart from less influence by google)?
                    • I still use FF because of the limitation of Chrome debugger tools compared to Firebug and the impossibility to have a togglable/fixed if needed sidebar for bookmarks with Chrome.