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  • okay added that in and am still getting nothing. Again, I am new to this. Where can I go to check that the key placeholder is set?
    • got the answer from Charless here is is if anyone wants it

      harless Reply #2, 13 min ago

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      You could create a very simple snippet that would simply output the tag value when the key/value pair for tags is present in the query string.

      Vary basic snippet (ex snippet name: dyntagtitle):
      //-- Get all request string key/value pairs
      $s = $_REQUEST;
      if($s['key'] == 'tags'){
        return $s['tag'];
      } else {
       return false;

      Then on the page template simply put the snippet call where you want it to be displayed:


      • I'm looking to do the same on this page;


        Add to the title of the page, the 'tag' that is displaying.

        This is my call

        [[!getResourcesTag? &parents=`2` &tagKey=`documentTags` &includeTVs=`1` &limit=`16` &tpl=`result_tpl`]]

        But I can't get the above little snippet to work - where do I add my &tagKey huh?

        Sorry probably being a bit slow !
        • There's a new taxonomies extra which might be useful for this: