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    I can't think of any easy way to do it.

    You could make "forgot password" (maybe "Trouble logging in?" would be better) a link to your own page with a snippet that would validate the username and email, then send a new activation link (with code borrowed from the Register snippet).

    Personally, though, if I were having this trouble often, I'd consider extending the time limit to several days, or even a week, with the &activationttl property of the Register snippet.
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      thanks again Bob! appreciate your time & responses.

      i agree. i'll just up that time & let it play out & see what happens.

      that gives me an idea tho - i think i will change the text to "Trouble logging in?" & customize the forgot pwd page to add some text of common problems (that are usually user-error) with suggestions on what to do. hopefully that will also cut down on my time.

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        The dirty little secret is that login extra is probably the most in need of re-writing, because its so basic and important, and because its quite finicky and often comes up with random problems.
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          Changes that solve those problems have been submitted. They will be part of MODX 2.7 and/or MODX 3