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  • I need to create an index page which contains an alphabetical list of pages from a folder (sorted by their title) and a link to that particular page. Therefore when admin adds a new page in the sub-folder it automatically updates this ’index’ page.

    I’m completely new to PHP so can’t figure it out via a new snippet, and can’t figure out if an exisiting one does this?

    Thanks, David

    Web Server:
    PHP version 4.4.3
    MySQL version 4.0.27-standard
    Operating System and version Apache 1.3.37 (Unix)

    Browser name and version IE 6.0.29
    Operating System and version Win XP
    • The DropMenu snippet allows you to set the orderBy value:
      [[DropMenu? startDoc=`23`&levelLimit=`1`&removeNewLines=`1`&orderBy=`pagetitle`]]

      where the startDoc value is the ID of the folder containing the documents you want listed. This will generate a simple unordered list of links that you can style as you like.
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      • Ummm, thanks for that. Not sure what I’m getting wrong though - it doesn’t seem to list the contents of the folder I want;

        It should list just two items ’Tea Factory’ id=49 and ’Royal Liverpool Philharmonic’ id-46 - ie just those in the ’Venues’ section. These pages are children of the above page id=39 and hence i’ve put 39 into the startDoc;

        [[DropMenu? startDoc=`39`&levelLimit=`1`&removeNewLines=`1`&orderBy=`pagetitle`]]
        • Sorry... need to put a & in front of the startDoc!
          [[DropMenu? &startDoc=`23`&levelLimit=`1`&removeNewLines=`1`&orderBy=`pagetitle`]]
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          • Brilliant thank you very much for your help
            • I was wondering if anyone can help - I now have an alphabetical list - works brilliantly.

              However on the site the ’pages’ are increasing and the client has decided, that yes, they want the alphabetical list, but they don’t want each page displayed on the side menu.

              When I got to each page and unselect ’Show in Menu’, not only are they removed from the side-menu, they also disappear from the ’alphabetical’ page created with help above. I’ve tried refreshing the site but with no luck.

              Any help please?

              Thanks, David
              • Managed to figure it out myself - woo hoo !

                In the Snippet ’Drop Menu’ simply change the ’$maxLevels’ value from ’0’ which allows everything to be shown to ’1’ to allow just one level to be shown.

                Thanks for looking, David
                • A final problem with my side bar DropMenu - it works fine in Friefox etc, but just tested it in IE6 and it is adding an additional ’bullet’ point / graphic at the bottom of the list, where there isn’t any item?

                  This is for the same site as above -

                  Any help please - I’ve gone through both the template and the snippet and can’t find out why it is doing it.

                  Thanks, David