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  • Martijn van Turnhout Reply #1, 8 years, 8 months ago

    I don’t where it came from all of a sudden. It used to work fine a couple of hours ago. I’ve now put up 2 forms on a website (located in a subdir), which is about to go live very soon. I’m using YAMS and ManagerManager as the most important plugins. No PHX installed. Now, all of a sudden, the forms stopped validating and sending! After I click Submit, even after filling in the required fields, I’m being redirect back to the same page with a refreshed, empty form.

    I’ve also just updated to YAMS 1.2.0 RC3, by the way. Still the same error.

    This is the snippet call (the tpls itself work fine)

    [!eForm? &formid=`form_contact_(yams_id)` &subject=`Resultaten contactformulier COMPANY` &to=`info@COMPANY` 
    &ccsender=`1` &tpl=`form_contact_(yams_id)` &report=`form_contact_report_(yams_id)` &gotoid=`15` &language=`(yams_mname)` &debug=`1` !]

    Here’s the form tpl

    <p class="error">[+validationmessage+]</p>
    <form action="[~[*id*]~]" method="post" id="form_contact_nl">
        <input name="formid" type="hidden" value="form_contact_nl" />
        <label for="contact_company">Bedrijfsnaam</label>
        <input name="contact_company" id="contact_company" type="text" eform="Bedrijfsnaam::0">   
        <label for="contact_name">Naam*</label>
        <input name="contact_name" id="contact_name" type="text" eform="Naam::1">   
        <label for="contact_email">E-mail*</label>
        <input name="contact_email" id="contact_email" type="text" eform="Email:email:1">
        <label for="contact_phone">Telefoonnummer</label>
        <input name="contact_phone" id="contact_phone" type="text" eform="Telefoonnummer::0">
        <label for="contact_message">Vragen en opmerkingen*</label>
        <textarea name="contact_message" id="contact_message" rows="7" cols="30" eform="Vragen en opmerkingen:textarea:1"></textarea>
        <input type="submit" value="Verzenden">

    Here’s the Debug report. Can someone please help me out? This is driving me crazy. The errors appear in both languages, by the way. Thanks in advance!

    Make sure you turn debugging off before making this form live!
    eForm configuration:
    array (
      'snipPath' => '/home/COMPANY/public_html/assets/snippets/eform/',
      'snipFolder' => 'eform',
      'vericode' => '',
      'formid' => 'form_contact_en',
      'from' => 'info@COMPANY',
      'fromname' => 'COMPANY',
      'to' => 'info@COMPANY',
      'cc' => '',
      'bcc' => '',
      'subject' => 'Resultaten contactformulier COMPANY',
      'ccsender' => '1',
      'sendirect' => '0',
      'mselector' => '0',
      'mobile' => '',
      'mobiletext' => '',
      'autosender' => '',
      'autotext' => '',
      'category' => '0',
      'keywords' => '',
      'gid' => '15',
      'noemail' => '',
      'saveform' => '1',
      'tpl' => 'form_contact_en',
      'report' => 'form_contact_report_en',
      'allowhtml' => '0',
      'replyto' => '',
      'language' => 'english',
      'thankyou' => '',
      'isDebug' => '1',
      'reportAbuse' => '',
      'disclaimer' => '',
      'sendAsHtml' => '',
      'sendAsText' => '',
      'sessionVars' => '',
      'postOverides' => '0',
      'eFormOnBeforeMailSent' => '',
      'eFormOnMailSent' => '',
      'eFormOnValidate' => '',
      'eFormOnBeforeFormMerge' => '',
      'eFormOnBeforeFormParse' => '',
      'cssStyle' => '',
      'jScript' => '',
      'submitLimit' => '0',
      'protectSubmit' => '1',
      'requiredClass' => 'required',
      'invalidClass' => 'invalid',
      'runSnippet' => '',
      'autoSenderName' => '',
      'version' => '1.4.4',

    Using MODX 1.0.5 with PHP 5.2.8 and mySQL 5.0.92-community. Page itself is cached.
    • What’s the other form?

      Does this one work if you remove the other one?

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      • Martijn van Turnhout Reply #3, 8 years, 8 months ago
        The other one looks like this:

        [!eForm? &formid=`form_registration_(yams_id)` &subject=`Resultaten inschrijfformulier COMPANY` &to=`info@COMPANY.nl` 
        &ccsender=`1` &tpl=`form_registration_(yams_id)` &report=`form_registration_report_(yams_id)` &gotoid=`16` &language=`(yams_mname)`!]

        <p class="error">[+validationmessage+]</p>
        <form action="[~[*id*]~]" method="post" id="form_registration_nl">
            <input name="formid" type="hidden" value="form_registration_nl">
            <label for="registration_training">Training*</label>
            <input name="registration_training" id="registration_training" type="text" eform="Training::1">   
            <label for="registration_number">Nummer*</label>
            <input name="registration_number" id="registration_number" type="text" eform="Nummer::1">   
            <label for="registration_name">Naam*</label>
            <input name="registration_name" id="registration_name" type="text" eform="Naam::1">   
            <label for="registration_company">Bedrijfsnaam</label>
            <input name="registration_company" id="registration_company" type="text" eform="Bedrijfsnaam::0">   
            <label for="registration_email">E-mail*</label>
            <input name="registration_email" id="registration_email" type="text" eform="Email:email:1">
            <label for="registration_address">Adres</label>
            <input name="registration_address" id="registration_address" type="text" eform="Adres::0">
            <label for="registration_location">Plaats</label>
            <input name="registration_location" id="registration_location" type="text" eform="Plaats::0">
            <label for="registration_phone">Telefoonnummer</label>
            <input name="registration_phone" id="registration_phone" type="text" eform="Telefoonnummer::0">
            <label for="registration_date">Datum*</label>
            <input name="registration_date" id="registration_date" type="text" eform="Datum::1">
            <input type="submit" value="Verzenden">

        <p>Training: [+registration_training+]</p>
        <p>Nummer: [+registration_number+]</p>
        <p>Naam: [+registration_name+]</p>
        <p>Bedrijfsnaam: [+registration_company+]</p>
        <p>E-mail: [+registration_email+]</p>
        <p>Adres: [+registration_address+]</p>
        <p>Plaats: [+registration_location+]</p>
        <p>Telefoonnummer: [+registration_phone+]</p>
        <p>Datum: [+registration_date+]</p>

        Tried removing the other one and sending this one, but no such luck. Also tried the other way. Same effect: I press submit and whether or not I’ve filled in the required fields, I get redirected back to the same page with an empty form.
        • Martijn van Turnhout Reply #4, 8 years, 8 months ago
          Finally solved it with the help of Mark!

          It’s the


          part. I’m using YAMS with other aliases. So it should be


          Mark, again: thanks! And let this be a lesson for those who want to use YAMS with eForm tongue