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  • Caching Improvements in Revolution 2.0.8 Offer Better Front-End and Server Performance

    We’re still edging closer to releasing 2.1 but we wanted to share an improvement that will dramatically increase front end page speeds, reduce server load (I/O activity) and solve issues on some very large sites with blank pages on load.

    Here’s what we changed in Revolution 2.0.8:

    • Fixed a bug so cache only writes when changes to resources (documents and similar content types) occur. This results in far fewer writes to the filesystem and therefore significant page rendering speed as well as less processing on each visitor request.
    • Change to prevent bad writes to the Cache

    As always, MODx depends on community members and users asking for new features or improvements, and submitting patches and language updates. Please continue to help make Revolution better by submitting to: bugs.modx.com (bookmark and use it often.)

    Revolution gets better with every release, so download it now to try it or upgrade your existing Revolution sites.

    Special Upgrade Note for users upgrading from 2.0.4 and earlier.
    If you:

    • Use Form Customization
    • Have a Custom Access Policy
    • Use the extension_packages setting
    If your site is running 2.0.4-pl or earlier you should read Upgrading to Revolution 2.0.5 before upgrading. If your site was set up by someone else it would be wise to have them review the upgrade information before proceeding with the upgrade.

    Download Revolution 2.0.8-pl
    Read the Revolution Documentation
    Read the Installation Guide
    Upgrade Guide
    Check the Installation Requirements

    As with all releases, please submit bug reports and feature requests. You should also read the documentation, post feedback and successes in the MODx Community forums.

    The MODx Team

    Changelog/Release Notes:
    MODx Revolution 2.0.8-pl (February 21, 2011)
    - [#3111] Apply file locking in xPDOCacheManager->writeFile() to prevent bad writes
    - [#3111] Fix bug causing resource cache files to be over-written unnecessarily
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    • Important Notice for MODX Revolution 2.0.8-pl Advanced Users

      If you downloaded the MODX Revolution 2.0.8-pl Advanced build yesterday, there was a problem with the package and it was taken offline around 5pm CDT last evening, February 22, 2011. Please get the new advanced package that has been available since about 9am CDT this morning (February 23, 2011). If you installed the 2.0.8-pl Advanced package downloaded on February 22, it erroneously included some code/assets in the core transport intended for 2.1.0, and you will likely have problems. You’ll just need to upgrade again using the new 2.0.8-pl Advanced download to resolve these issues.

      Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused—the build scripts have been fixed moving forward so this problem is avoided in future releases.