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  • MODx Revolution 2.0.6: Important Update to Start the New Year

    Revolution 2.0.5 was an incredibly packed release with more than 175+ improvements. Revolution 2.0.6 brings just a few, but very important fixes and improvements. This patch release will ensure that things work as they should.

    Here are the highlights of Revolution 2.0.6:

    • Fixes 2.0.5 error with 200 error response code on 404 pages
    • Fixes 2.0.5 error with creating Resources in non-web contexts
    • Fixes 2.0.5 save error when changing a Resource’s parent in the UI
    • Improves Symlink behavior to behave more like a real symlink
    • Fixes various TV input issues
    • Improves $modx->runProcessor method to not use GPC vars
    • Other various small fixes

    As always, MODx depends on community members and users asking for new features, suggesting improvements, and submitting patches and language updates. Please continue to help make Revolution better by submitting to: bugs.modx.com (bookmark and use it often.)

    Revolution gets better with every release, so download it now to try it or upgrade your existing Revolution sites.

    Special Upgrade Note for users upgrading from 2.0.4 and earlier.
    If you:

    • Use Form Customization
    • Have a Custom Access Policy
    • Use the extension_packages setting
    You should read Upgrading to Revolution 2.0.5 before upgrading.If your site was set up by someone else it would be wise to have them review the upgrade information before proceeding with the upgrade.

    Download Revolution 2.0.6-pl2
    Read the Revolution Documentation
    Read the Installation Guide
    Upgrade Guide
    Check the Installation Requirements

    As with all releases, please submit bug reports and feature requests. You should also read the documentation, post feedback and successes in the MODx Community forums.

    The MODx Team

    Changelog/Release Notes:
    MODx Revolution 2.0.6-pl (December 20, 2010)
    - [#3143] Fix lexicon grid search to respond to enter key
    - [#3144] Fix issue with reset password and @ being stripped
    - [#3142] Ensure whitespace is stripped from tags in tag/autotag TV types
    - [#3118] Ensure defaults are set in resource/create processor if values are not sent
    - [#3105] Improve memory_limit check in setup to accept integer values from PHP instances
    - [#3106] Add sanity check to resource create/update processors to disallow invalid Resource Group ID references
    - [#3038] Fix problems with filemanager_path settings and absolute URLs in image TV values
    - [#3039] Add symlink_merge_fields setting to disable modSymLink merge behavior
    - [#3103] Alter modSession data field to store more than 64Kb
    - [#3091] Add missing specific dom ID to profile change password panel
    - [#3096] Fix issue with exporting default properties not in a set from an element
    - [#3099] Fix FC rules to respect class_key constraints
    - [#3097] Fix extension_packages to support modx path placeholders, as well as new serviceClass and serviceName parameters
    - [#3085] Ensure Files tree only refreshes active node when creating/updating a file/dir
    - Improve the Permission dropdown and add window in AP Template page
    - [#3083] Fix Form Customization issue when Resource has a blank Template
    - [#3082] Fix Form Customization issue where cacheable and ID fields not able to be hidden/altered
    - [#3034] Fix error creating Resources in Contexts other than web
    - Fix issue with incorrect active permission total in Access Policy grid
    - [#3023] Fix issue where topmenu did not respect manager_language
    - [#3080] Fix missing placeholder in error message when attempting to create a duplicate Element
    - Add new header image to match new site
    - [#3078] Fix issue with htmltag TV widget properties when using = in its value
    - [#3079] Ensure GPC vars are not sent into $scriptProperties array in $modx->runProcessor
    - [#2983] Add sanity check to prevent plugins from firing if disabled (redundancy)
    - [#3057] Fix issue where parent change causes fail to save in UI
    - [#3076] Fix bug where manager returnUrl was not working due to [#2918] fix
    - [#3059] Ensure createdby is set on resource creation
    - [#3041] Fix missing lexicon entry in resource processors
    - [#3043] Fix invalid 200 response header on sendError()
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