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  • MODx Revolution 2.0.5: 175+ Fixed Issues and Improvements Including a Form Customization Overhaul

    It’s been only 2 months since the 2.0.4 was released and, thanks to the fast growing number of developers now working on MODX Revolution, we’ve got one of the most packed releases ever in 2.0.5.

    Form Customization has been completely revamped and rethought to make it much easier and intuitive to use and manage. In 2.0.5 we also introduce Access Policy Templates which enable you to easily create and manage policies.

    Here are the highlights of Revolution 2.0.5:

    - Over 175 issues resolved. Wow!
    - Form Customization Revamped
    - New Access Policy Templates
    - Tighter, more stable code with regards to multiple contexts and filemanager_path settings
    - Many xPDO improvements and fixes
    - Many UI fixes, such as Resource Tree enhancements, more phpthumb options, drag/drop improvements, and more
    - Fixed issues with APC, WinCache, eAccelerator and other caching systems
    - Tightened Security against XSS, added sanity checks on data transmission
    - Fixed issues with radio TVs, resourcelist TV, and other rare TV conflicts

    We couldn’t have made such a packed release without your help of reporting bugs, asking for new features, suggesting improvements, and submitting patches and language updates. Please continue to help make Revolution better by submitting to: bugs.modx.com (bookmark and use it often.)

    Revolution gets better with every release, so download it now to try it or upgrade your existing Revolution sites.

    Special Upgrade Note
    If you:

    • Use Form Customization
    • Have a Custom Access Policy
    • Use the extension_packages setting
    You should read Upgrading to Revolution 2.0.5 before upgrading.If your site was set up by someone else it would be wise to have them review the upgrade information before proceeding with the upgrade.

    Download Revolution 2.0.5-pl2
    Read the Revolution Documentation
    Read the Installation Guide
    Upgrade Guide
    Check the Installation Requirements

    As with all releases, please submit bug reports and feature requests. You should also read the documentation, post feedback and successes in the MODx Community forums.

    The MODx Team

    Changelog/Release Notes:
    MODx Revolution 2.0.5-pl (December 8th, 2010)
    - [#2932] Fix redirect issue after setup and on manager login page caused by [#2918]
    - [#2931] Fix issue where FC rules weren't applying if no UserGroup was set in a Profile
    - Ensure non-Resource FC rules are removed on upgrade
    - [#2918] Address XSS vuln in manager login that allows JS injection
    - Fix issue where // is stripped from filemanager_url http address
    - [#2902] Fix issue where Administrator policy ACLs in non-Administrator groups couldnt be edited
    - [#2915] Ensure UserGroups restriction is enforced in FC Profiles
    - Fix bug when editing FC profiles from a grid, issue where UserGroup wasn't respected
    - Ensure radio TV values still can select if default value is 0
    - [#2869] Fix issue with parent display text in Resource panel
    - [#2892] Fix problem creating folders on filesystem from file manager and browser 
    - [#22] Allow SymLinks metadata to override target Resource metadata
    - Cache Resource ACL Policies with the Resource
    - [#2888] Fix problem with elementCache in modX::sendForward()
    - [#2610] Allow Elements to be created under a Category when a Category Policy is in effect
    - [#2869] Standardize initial parent combo value text on Resource edit page
    - [#2736] Colon character ":" added to default FURL Alias Character Restriction Pattern
    - [#2889] Ensure that a new Resource gets an alias generated if auto_alias is On
    - [#2837] Ensure element properties import escapes <> and provide better error checking
    - [#2886] Ensure SimpleXML and XMLWriter extensions are installed when using FC Set import/export
    - [#2882] Add hidemenu_default setting for setting default hide from menus on Resources
    - Fix issue with derivative Resource types and FC rules
    - [#2858] Extra sanity checks to ensure md5 pw is never sent across get/getlist processors for Users, even if user has access level
    - [#6] Fix issue with RTL text in nodes in Resource tree
    - [#2873] Fix relativity of image urls in drag/drop and TVs when using various filemanager_path/url settings
    - [#2878] Ensure resource panel is marked dirty when drag/dropping into TV
    - [#2828] Fix issue with incorrect content field name for FC rules
    - [#2863] Fix order of execution issues with FC rules and default values
    - [#2874] Enhance User blockedafter/blockeduntil fields to accept time as well as date values
    - [#2529] Fix automatic publish/unpublish
    - Adjust FC rule ranks to properly account for prior FC rules that may affect FC constraints
    - Update xPDO to 2.0.0-pl release
    - [#2661] Fix Template getList processor to respect authority
    - [#313] Fix header error with binary modStaticResource downloads
    - [#206] Fix session bug with opcode caching systems like APC, WinCache, eAccelerator
    - [#2846] Add tag syntax to description hover text for resource fields
    - [#2849] Add ability to drag/drop onto TV fields
    - [#2848] Fix issue with file edit and base paths
    - [#2802] Ensure Category tab is hidden when all TVs are hidden in that Category
    - [#2779] Added Content Editor policy to default list of policies
    - [#2819] Fix bug in FC rules where parent constraint was not traversing up tree to inherit parents
    - [#2744] Fix bug with empty template and TV values
    - [#2841] Fix bug with File Edit page and modFileHandler reference
    - [#2839] Fix bug with failed login count not being updated
    - Add ability to view permissions inherited when viewing an ACL row in a grid
    - [#2834] Fix issue where constraint class was not set on new FC rules
    - [#2819] Fix issue with FC rules and execution order due to setting default templates, constraints
    - [#2830] Permit ability to change FC Set Template when editing a FC Set
    - [#2827] Fix issues related to FC upgrade with Rules with comma-separated names, differing constraints, and template setting
    - Fix issue related to #2625 with deferred tabpanel rendering that caused unpublishing when using Quick Update/Create
    - [#2825] Append idx to each item DOM id when using HTML tag tv output widget
    - [#2823] Add missing lexicon entry for TV output type
    - [#2817] Reorder System top menu for easier navigation
    - [#2820] Add DOM id to Profile page tabs
    - [#2814] Add longtitle, description, template to Quick Update/Create
    - [#2789] Add check to make sure safe_mode is off in setup
    - [#2565] Improve Quick Create/Update Resource to move settings into tab rather than fieldset
    - [#2807] Add tree_default_sort System Setting for configuring the default sort setting for the Resource tree
    - [#2803] Fix css issue with portal blocks on manager dashboard in Fx
    - Add new Form Customization UI, including Form Customization Profiles and Sets; much easier editing of FC rules
    - Fix issue with modInstallSmarty constructor due to Smarty upgrade
    - [#2799] Remove ext3 debug files to save space
    - [#2801] Fix bug with checkbox tvs without specified value options
    - Upgrade Smarty to 3.0.4
    - [#2782] Add changelog to Package View page
    - [#2782] Add ability to view changelog when installing a package via the "changelog" package attribute (similar to readme)
    - [#2770] Ensure email TV input type validates email
    - [#2776] Fix issue where context settings grid was not filterable
    - [#2790] Ensure "number" TV types restrict input to numbers only
    - [#2730] Fix rendering issue with policy template/group grids
    - [#2794] Allow TV URL output render to handle values that are straight Resource IDs
    - [#2741] Fix bug where Resource Group associations were not copied when duplicating a Resource
    - [#2746] Fix bug where email was sent in registration email rather than username
    - [#2733] Fix bug where Template Var associations were not copied when duplicating a Template
    - [#2742] Fix deprecated evtid reference in plugin duplicate processor
    - Fix various bugs with context settings and wctx param
    - Fix bug where modX::getDocumentChildrenTVars ignores docsort parameter
    - [#2743] Connectors using wrong permissions with processors
    - [#2758] Add modProcessorResponse class to better handle processor responses and error messages
    - [#2758] Add $modx->runProcessor($action,$scriptProperties,$options) to better handle processor execution; deprecated $modx->executeProcessor
    - [#84] Make distribution name available in manager
    - [#2666] Prevent sendRedirect() from preserving request parameters unless specified
    - [#2721] Fixed issue with per page items in MODx.grid.Grid that was incorrectly handling int value
    - [#2691] Fixed issue with duplicate aliases when duplicating a Resource
    - [#2506] Flag properties as dirty when importing from a file on properties grid
    - [#2592] Prevent cache files from being allowed in upload_files setting
    - Improved areas dropdown filter to include number of settings that have that area
    - [#2694] Fixed positioning and scrollbar issue in Fx with success status message on save
    - Added setting clear_cache_refresh_trees that allows you to toggle whether the trees refresh on site cache clear; defaults to false
    - [#2709] Fixed bug where Object-Template policies were unavailable to certain grids
    - [#2597] Fixed bug where Context Setting xtype and area are reset on grid save
    - Upgraded extension_packages setting to JSON for more options with packages and easier editing in Extras scripts
    - Fixed bugs relating to using filemanager_path in a separate context, as well as other bugs with context-specific settings in mgr
    - [#2496] Fixed bug that prevented icon from resetting when dragging Resources into a new parent
    - [#713] Prevent children resources from being prefixed with "Duplicate of" when duplicating a resource unless explicitly told to do so
    - [#2581] Fixed bug with resourcelist TV input type to handle resources from multiple contexts
    - [#2518] Added delay to allow FC rules to load before RTEs load to allow RTE TVs to be moved
    - [#2611] Added workaround for ExtJS bug with checkboxes/radios and an inputValue of string 0 that would prevent toggling
    - [#2512] Have remove setup/ dir checked by default if not using Git version of MODx
    - [#2699] Fixed loading issues with help panel on slow connections
    - [#2701] Fixed issue where description did not show until refresh when adding a new Permission to an Access Policy Template
    - [#2695] Postfixed Template to names of Access Policy Templates for clarity
    - [#2700] Fixed bug with Access Policy Template editor that reset values on save
    - [#2690] Renamed Administrator Access Policy Template Group to Admin
    - [#2563] Fixed chmod action on directories from File Tree
    - [#2693] Properly sort country indicies to properly display in dropdowns
    - [#2562] Added confirm dialog and success response for emptying recycle bin
    - [#2634] Ensured context key is changed when changing parent of a Resource via Edit Resource page if context is different for new parent
    - [#2631] Fixed issue when drag/dropping categories onto other categories in Element tree
    - [#2659] Fixed issue where action buttons were overlapping tabs on edit pages
    - [#2668] Fixed issue with FC rules and labels on checkbox/radio fields
    - [#2582] Fixed bug with orm tree preventing attributes on the root node
    - Fix bug in phpthumb allowing remote src parameters regardless of settings
    - [#2555] Expose additional phpthumb options in System Settings
    - [#2503] "Preview" inaccurately described viewing current page/site. Changed to "View".
    - Fixed help message strings to correct URLs
    - Fixed missing options array call in modRestClient, isArray call in modRestCurlClient
    - [#2545] Added setting resource_tree_node_name to allow users to specify the field used for the node text on the Resource Tree
    - [#2639] Prevent user from specifying a FC rule with Action of none
    - [#2641] Fixed issue where template was reset incorrectly when canceled on template change
    - Fixed issue where Permissions were being duplicated on setup due to relational db issue
    - [#2646] Prevent removal/editing of default Administrator policy ACLs to prevent users from accidentally removing access to web context
    - Added modAccessPolicyTemplate and modAccessPolicyTemplateGroup for easier managing and editing of Access Policies, including a UI for managing Access Policy Templates
    - [#2483] Auto-generate alias when duplicating a Resource
    - [#2645] Set Resources unpublished when duplicating
    - Update to xPDO v2.0.0-rc3
    - [#2501] Fixed menu not being loaded on immediately-added policies without page refresh, added bulk actions to policy grid
    - [#2505] Save Property Set now shows feedback and success message
    - [#2507] Export properties now prefixes filename with property set name
    - [#2624] Improved Users grid to allow batch editing from right-click context menu
    - [#2609] Remove filter commands and modifiers from scriptProperties passed to modElement/modTag instances
    - [#2500] Improved CSS on welcome page for Fx users
    - [#2532] Improved Resource tree icons to better shown when a Resource has children as opposed to when it is marked as a container
    - [#2602] Improved language on Users access permissions grid to clarify action
    - [#2614] Expand comment field on modUserProfile to handle more than 255 characters
    - [#2613] Ensured User Groups in mgr are sorted alphanumerically
    - [#2599] Fixed issue where Add Element to Property Set window form values were not cleared on second loading
    - [#2596] Fixed issue where User Groups could not be removed
    - [#2542] Fixed hardcoded language lexicon load reference in policy/get processor
    - [#2573] Fixed issue with backslash in TV output render property values
    - [#2594] Fixed issue where special characters were being stripped from phone numbers in user profile
    - Fixed issue with file tree that prevented image thumbnails from showing
    - [#2525] Fixed filemanager_path issues by added filemanager_path_relative setting, and then calculating from that
    - [#2589] Fixed issue with port 80 feeds in magpie RSS feed parser
    - [#2544] Fixed issue with updatefromgrid processor with User Settings
    - [#2560] Fixed issue with resourcelist TV not persisting set value
    - [#2586] Add rank field to FC rules allowing organizing of order of execution
    - Update core schemas and regenerate maps for new xPDO index elements
    - [#69] Allow Transport Vehicles to abort installation when validation fails
    - Update xPDO version to 2.0.0-rc2 (official release)
    - [#2552] Fix scope issues when passing nested arrays in Chunk properties
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