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  • Just updated myself on the Xmarks blog about retirement of their superb bookmark system and discovered, to my absolute delight, it appears they are going to continue after Jan 11th grin grin grin with a free and premium product.

    Looked into an alternative system and see that Firefox Sync has some pretty grim reviews: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/10868/#reviews

    Just thought I’d share that with y’all - anybody got any other bookmark systems that can recommend? (Firefox preferably)
    • I’ve downloaded this plugin which seems awesome, thanks for sharing redplanet.
      • @julianq - happy to be of assistance! gotta share the love wink

        @ganesxl - have a look here: http://www.xmarks.com/
        I looked at Delicious shortly before I got Xmarks - I never got into the ’social’ side of bookmarking, although I could def see the deal. Xmarks was originally called Foxmarks, a dedicated firefox plugin which appears to have taken a life of its’ own, and I just plugged it in and never looked back.
        • I’m using Xmarks more then a year with firefox and I like it. Syncing bookmarks between computers is so handy. Made 2 profiles 1 for home 1 for work. Lately Xmarks is giving me some trouble I have to force syncing. I think it started after I added Chrome Xmarks- add-on.
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          • @jambek2003
            I have pretty much the same setup, one profile for home, one for work. What is ultra handy is that you can download your whole bookmark list as an html file - I stripped out a certain section, about 35 links, and sent it to a friend so they could look at a bunch of stuff i was looking at. Really handy.

            Actually I wasn’t aware of the Chrome plugin but i may avoid it from what you say. I love chrome as it’s just really fast so I like to leave it free of plugins etc to keep it that way!